Yo’ Dough: Your Favorite Dessert Now in a Cookie

Creator of Yo' Dough, Jesse Schwarz

Creator of Yo’ Dough, Jesse Schwarz

If you love cookies but are getting a little bored of that same old chocolate chip, your virtual prayers have just been answered. Yo’ Dough is an online retailer of new and unique cookie flavors, not normally sold in stores.

Creator Jesse Schwarz started baking cookies as a kid, and by age 14 received so much positive feedback about them that he began selling his creations in local Montreal shops. After finishing school and a few years of other business ventures, Jesse picked right back up where he left off. The concept for Yo’ Dough started to emerge, and by March 2012, they were selling in stores once again. The online shop (shop.yodough.com) launched just six months ago and is already wildly popular. Jesse claims, “When we first started, I had no idea what to expect and now were doing thousands of cookies a week, so we just keep working to get more and more people to try our cookies!”

When asked where the inspiration for some of the unique cookie flavors (such as mint chocolate chip and birthday cake) originated, Schwarz says he simply took several classic desserts and ice cream flavors and turned them into cookies. “I never put a limit on my imagination,” he says. “I don’t believe in rules or recipes.”


As for retail stores, Jesse and the Yo’ Dough team have their sights set on opening all over Toronto first, followed by every major city in Canada and the U.S. in the upcoming year. Until then, you can get your cookies shipped all over the U.S. and Canada from the website in 10 days or less.

When asked what his ultimate goal with the franchise is, Schwarz replied, “To continue to build a brand that makes everyone have more fun and see things in a new, fresh way. I want more and more people to eat our crazy cookie flavors and realize that there are no limits to not only how you can bake, but also how you can live life.”

It’s safe to say that this rising entrepreneur definitely doesn’t keep all of his cookies in one jar.

For more info or to buy cookies, check out www.YoDough.com or on social media.