[FIRST LOOK] Introducing Nicole Scherzinger as Penny in ABC’s ‘Dirty Dancing’

ABC will premiere a brand new adaptation of the classic 80’s movie, “Dirty Dancing” this May with a star studded cast.  

Who could forget Johnny Castle’s best girl friend, Penny played by Cynthia Rhodes with those long dancer’s legs and sharp fast moves on the floor.  The vastly talented Nicole Scherzinger will play the role of Penny in the new version of Dirty Dancing and we quite honestly believe they chose the best woman for the part.  Nicole is fierce on the dance floor, not to mention gorgeous!  

[PHOTOS] Nicole Scherzinger as Penny in Dirty Dancing


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Nicole Scherzinger on Playing the Iconic Role of “Penny”

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Dirty Dancing will air on ABC, Wednesday May 24th from 8pm-11pm EST.