Top Five Teen Makeup Tips

Teen Makeup Tips

Taylor Momsen knows how to rock a makeup look, find out some tips and tricks on how to rock your own makeup look in this article.

Easy Teen Makeup Tips for 2014

Always Moisturize.

It may seem like a nuisance and extra time wasted but it will help your makeup go on smoother and as you get older it will keep wrinkles and age spots away.

Perfect Your Eyes

Apply a piece of tape under your eye to not mess up your eyeliner when applying wings.

It may seem out there when it comes to a beauty tip but trust me, it works wonders. It keeps you from messing up your wings or making them gigantic which can happen if you are in a rush or not a pro at winged eyeliner.

Less is more.

This is said all the time but it is a true statement, makeup is supposed to define the beauty you already have. If you put it on super cakey or just extreme blush or eyeshadow then it’s taking away from the beauty you already have and making it seem like you tried to hard that morning.


Always prime your face! It may seem just as annoying as moisturizing but trust me it makes a major difference on your makeup and makes you look smooth and put together. Primer also evens out your skin tone so you have a clean slate to work on, if your face is like a canvas, an unprimed face is like a canvas with holes in it.

Lastly – the key to a good makeup look are eyebrows.

It may only be me but the first thing I notice on a person is their eyebrows, if your makeup is on but nothing is done to your eyebrows you just look unfinished. If you are in a rush the key points of your face/makeup routine to look made up and complete in most beauty bloggers eyes are foundation, eyes, eyebrows and lipstick. Those are usually the things people pay attention to when they look at someone and for me eyebrows are what I see first and what I believe make or break a makeup look.

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