The Cast is Talking about the ‘Famous in Love’ Finale + Roundup

Freeform’s newest hit Famous in Love aired its 2 hour season finale Tuesday night – and there’s so much to talk about. It’s got all you could possibly want: drama, romance, tension and tears. Plus some pretty big revelations involving the show’s main characters.

I call this scene "50 Shades of Raige"

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Without giving too much away, the first part of the episode shows Paige’s (Bella Thorne) first major red carpet as she attends Jordan Wilder’s (Keith Powers) movie premiere. Rainer is supposed to be there, but instead shows up looking – and acting – a bit out of control thanks to one too many drinks.

Then you’ve got the second hour, which shows the consequences of Rainer’s actions, including him and Paige being at odds right before a huge press junket for their film. Then you’ve got Jordan and Tangey (Pepi Sonuga) who are in a fight over Jordan’s past. They seem to be on the up and up by the end, but can it last? I’m rooting for them — they seem to make each other happy, plus Jordan’s way better suited with someone his own age. Sorry Nina (Perrey Reeves), but you’re better off trying to work things out with Rainer’s real father, Alan.

Ladies and Gentlemen "Locked" press conference, red carpet and the sh*t is about to hot the fan. #FamousinLovechat #redcarpet

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And perhaps the biggest question on every fan’s mind: Who will Paige choose? Jake (Charlie DePew) or Rainer (Carter Jenkins)?

Plus, what about Barrett Hopper? Who is responsible for his death? Do you think Jordan is behind it – or is that too easy of a guess? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds when Season 2 hopefully rolls around! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for everyone.

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