[Sneak Peek] @CatfishMTV : The TV Show Season 6 All New Tomorrow – July 12th!

MTV’s popular show Catfish returns with an all new episode on Wednesday, July 12! MTV shared a sneak peek/preview clip of what’s to come on the episode, and you can tell from the clip it looks interesting!

April has been talking to this guy, Dean, since she was 13. Then out of nowhere, Dean disappears. He reappears later with a phone call to April, but not for long. He disappears yet again, only to say that his mother had passed away.

Nev and Max start to investigate, finding that Dean’s phone has been disconnected and that he supposedly lives in Texas. The clip ends with them finding Dean’s Facebook page and seeing that there is no information on him. Seems suspicious, they say as they clip fades to black.