Signals You’re Sending to Him a Reply to Glamour’s Article

I saw the headline, “The Secret Signals You Body Language Sends to Him” and decided to find out what these secret signals are.  Here they are with our responses in an abbreviated version.

Are you sending him the right signals?

Are you sending him the right signals?

1.  Catching his eye, hold the gaze, look down, then back up.  – translates to, I’m interested and like what I see.

This might be a bit of a popular one and we agree, but not too deep of a liking.  It’s a move that says, “we noticed you.”

2.  Fixing the hair or outfit. – translates to, I see you noticed me and now I’m making sure my appearance is just right.

Our take: I think we may do this when we’re in the spotlight or seen by someone out and about.

3.  Looking away after you kiss, hug or greet. – translates to your disinterest or or being on the lookout for someone else.

Our take: I understand how this could be taken as disinterest.  However, how about this spin  It could be the result of a feeling of discomfort due to perhaps an unresolved argument or negative feelings toward one another.

4.  What your coy smile says. – translates to telling a guy you want to get to know him better.

Our take: A coy smile (one where you don’t show any teeth, just a slight smile) would be seen to us as a form of flirtation an an invitation to flirt a little more.

What do you think?  Do you agree with us?

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