Siesta Key Recap: Monday, September 25, 2017 – Chloe at a Crossroads

This week’s episode of Siesta Key brought all the drama. Right off the bat, there’s Kelsey confronting Juliette about her truth spill to Garrett on last week’s episode. Kelsey went into it in defense mode, but I honestly think that Juliette held her ground really well considering everything that’s gone down.


On the other side of things, Brandon and Madisson are still going strong: and they actually seemed to cement their relationship. Props to them for being drama free! It was such a refreshing change of pace.

Unfortunately, the calmness didn’t last long: Juliette and Garrett hung out again – once on a kayak date, then a birthday dinner and they even hit up Pauly Paul‘s DJ show together. To top it off, they kissed, right in front of Kelsey no less. I feel like that went a little bit far, but like Chloe said: Kelsey made her bed, now she had to lie in it. If Kelsey could date Alex in spite of him and Juliette’s past, then who’s to say that Juliette can’t do the same? All’s fair in love and war, although I’m betting we don’t know the full story from the edited snippets on TV.

But even though I loved the relationship drama, the person I’m most proud of is Chloe. She stood up for herself when Pauly Paul and Alex came by her work; and gave out the realest advice when it came to the tougher situations, like Pauly’s botched performance. She kept her cool and put herself first, without losing the desire to help her friends.

MTV is certainly shaking things up, so tune in next week for another drama-filled episode of Siesta Key!