[POLL] Dance Moms Movies: Book of Henry (Maddie Ziegler) Vs. A Cowgirls Story (Chloe Lukasiak)

Fan favorite Dance Moms alums, Maddie Ziegler and Chloe Lukasiak are both in new movies, releasing in 2017. 

Maddie Ziegler will star in ‘A Book of Henry’ (due out in June 2017) playing alongside Naomi Watts and Lee Pace.  Maddie will portray Christina Sickleman, a young girl with a dangerous secret uncovered by her classmate, Henry.  

Chloe Lukasiak stars in ‘A Cowgirls Story‘ (released on DVD in April 2017) playing alongside Bailee Madison (Dusty) and Pat Boone.  Chloe’s character Savannah is part of a group of girls who befriends Dusty.  Dusty and Savannah both have parents in the Army and form an equestrian drill team to perform at rodeos and parades.

A Cowgirls Story vs A Book of Henry

They are both super talented girls and we are so happy for their new endeavors!  

We want you to tell us which movie you are MOST excited to see!  Vote below!

Dance Moms Movie Edition: Which Movie are You Most Excited to See?

Book of Henry (Maddie Ziegler)
A Cowgirls Story (Chloe Lukasiak)

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