Sneak Peek of Siesta Key’s All-New Episode on February 5th

A lot is going down on an all new episode of ‘Siesta Key‘ on MTV, airing on Monday, February 5th.

In last week’s episode, we saw the relationship between Juliette and Garrett start to fall apart when she ran back into Alex’s arms at Chloe’s birthday party.  Alex surprised Juliette back at FSU, much to her friend Hannah’s dismay.  

Sparks seemed to be flying between Alex and Juliette, but what happens to her budding relationship with Garrett?  

In the episode, airing on February 5th, you see Juliette having a talk with Garrett on the beach.  She said, “I don’t want there to be any hard feelings.”  Garrett responded with, “I don’t think there are any feelings.”  


Things seem to be over for them, well at least for now.  

Will sparks continue to fly between Siesta Key’s bad boy, Alex and his girl?  

That’s not all though, another romance might be blossoming.  However, it’s not with who you expect.  This time, the spotlight is on Alex’s cousin, Pauly and Madisson’s sister, Paige.  Yes!  We’re not kidding.  These two were spotted kissing at a party.  Take a look at the sneak peek below and see for yourself.


On the other side of town, Alex’s ex girlfriends, Kelsey and Madisson are flying off to the Big Apple for some career opportunities.  Kelsey has an appointment to meet with a modeling agency and Madisson is going on a job search.  

Sneak Peek Video:


Will Kelsey succumb to the high demands of the NYC modeling industry or will she head back to the beach?  

Catch the all – new episode of Siesta Key on Monday, February 5th at 10/9 pm c.


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