[Sneak Peek] Catfish: The TV Show Season 7 All New – January 10th!

Nev and Max came back with their Catfish season 7 premiere on Wednesday, January 3rd as they helped a woman named Sheklia in St. Louis.  Her son wrote into the Catfish Internet detectives to get some help for his mom.  After a lot of twists and turns, it essentially led the gang to a man in Texas who Sheklia had a messy past with.  

Catfish Season 7, episode 2 is set to air on MTV on Wednesday, January 10th.  In this episode, we will meet Alyssa as she searches for her online love, Tyler.  

Alyssa and Tyler on MTV's Catfish January 10th

Alyssa and Tyler on MTV’s Catfish on January 10, 2018 episode.


In this sneak peek video, Alyssa declares Tyler as the “love of her life.”  She said, “I’ve grown to have these crazy feelings for him.  It’s insane.”  Max commented that she “literally has stars in her eyes.”  

Alyssa goes on to say, “He’s someone I confided in.”  Nev brought up a very real concern saying, “why haven’t you video chatted?”  Alyssa quickly defends her “virtual boyfriend” and admits he wasn’t comfortable enough yet with her to video chat as Nev’s eyes widen.  

Nev Schulman on Catfish

Nev Schulman on January 10th’s episode of MTV’s “Catfish”


They tried to meet up twice but he had to back out at the last minute because he was having troubles at home.  At that moment, Alyssa started feeling hurt and a bit suspicious of Tyler’s motives and who he really was.  

Not only did Alyssa not video chat with Tyler, but she also never spoke to him on the phone!  When asked why they never spoke on the phone, Alyssa said Tyler wasn’t ‘comfortable talking on the phone.’  

Watch the Alyssa & Tyler Sneak Peek Clip below:


Could “Tyler” be someone Alyssa already knows?  Max is a bit suspicious of Alyssa’s BFF, Mary who guided her to go on Mocha to meet someone.  The very first person to text her happened to be Tyler. 

What will end up happening?  Who is Tyler? 

Catfish’s Max just celebrated his 6th wedding anniversary with wife Priscila.  

Max posted a photo from his wedding day on Instagram saying, “Happy 6th Anniversary to the love of my life.

Priscila posted a photo of she and Max on her Instagram saying, “Married 6 years, 8 years together running around the world. I always believed in love, but not necessarily in marriage. But then … Voilà✨ For 2018 I want to lock you in the house and have you all to myself!

Tune into MTV’s Catfish Season 7 Episode 2 on Wednesday, January 10th at 10/9c.   


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