Siesta Key Season 2 is Coming Back to MTV in 2018 – Premiere Date Inside!

Viewers fell in love with the cast of MTV’s newest Laguna Beach style reality show over the summer.  We were introduced to the drama filled cast of Siesta Key and somehow just can’t get enough.  

The show was renewed for a second season and the new premiere date was just announced.  Siesta Key Season 2 will premiere on MTV Monday, January 15, 2018! 

There are a lot of questions viewers are asking.

  • Are Madisson and Brandon still an item?
  • Who is crying over Alex now?
  • Did Garrett take Kelsey back or is he still with Juliette?


Check out the official Siesta Key trailer below:


Garrett took to Instagram to promise lots of drama for the upcoming season.  He said, “Even though summers over things in @siestakey_mtv are still heating up more than ever🔥🤭 can’t wait for you guys to find out on @mtv airing January 15th at 10/9c!” 

Instagram hints that Kelsey and Chloe are friends and the drama hasn’t gotten between these two friends..just yet.  Kelsey captioned the photo, “Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more💜💁🏼 Love you Chlo”

It looks like the Madisson and Brandon are still pretty tight according to the photos below.  Madisson posted a cute sultry shot on Instagram showing off her new blonde hair.  

“Find yourself a man who cooks you tacos” Madisson says of boyfriend, Brandon.

Find yourself a man who cooks you tacos 💕

A post shared by Madisson Hausburg (@madissonhaus) on

Alex and Juliette are pictured together on Alex’s Instagram looking quite happy.  Is their fire flaming again? 

It's safe to say we made it in time for happy hour😋 #tallytakeover

A post shared by Alex Kompo (@alex_kompo) on

Catch season 2 of Siesta Key on MTV on Monday, January 15, 2018 at 10/9pm c.  


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