MacKenzie Ziegler Gives Life Advice You Need to Hear

Dancing queen, aspiring singer, and instagram-famous 13 year old Mackenzie Ziegler shares her two cents on pursuing dreams and achieving goals. Dance Moms star Mackenzie Ziegler, shares her inside scoop on how to be successful in any career. Ziegler sat down with Coveteur Magazine to give simple honest advice on how she attained her goals, and how you can reach yours by believing in yourself, and loving what you do.


Be confident.

MacKenzie Ziegler for Coveteur Magazine

MacKenzie Ziegler | Credit: Coveteur Magazine


“[Maddie] always told me to stay humble and believe in myself, because when I used to compete on the dance team, I was not confident at all. I was so scared of what everyone thought, and I think she helped me overcome that. She told me just to always believe in myself and have that mind-set. Now I realize that it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks of you. You just need to be yourself.” (Coveteur Magazine)

Having self confidence is a key aspect to be successful in any career. Do not be intimidated by fellow peers. Stay true to yourself and believe that anything you set your mind to is attainable with hard and dedication. The will to succeed comes to those who believe that anything is possible.

Love what you do.

MacKenzie Ziegler Coveteur Magazine

MacKenzie Ziegler | Credit: Coveteur Magazine


“I’ve always been a social butterfly and even still make friends with the kids that used to make me cry. I never really wanted to be that competitive. I just love dancing more than the competition part.” (Coveteur Magazine)

It is important that you chose a career path that you genuinely love. Competition will always be apart of the work force, but instead of falling victim to your fellow competitors focus on what made you chase your dream in the first place. Use your competitors as allies rather than as enemies, to create friendships that may have the potential to improve happiness and confidence in yourself.

Mackenzie Ziegler is currently on her Day and Night tour. Traveling through Europe this month (December) she is visiting countries like Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, and Poland.

Date City Venue
03 December 2017 Dublin, Ireland The Academy
06 December 2017 Utrecht, NL Tivoli Vrendenburg-Pandora
08 December 2017 Cologne, Germany Luxor
10 December 2017 Munich, Germany Hansa 39
12 December 2017 Vienna, Austria Grelle Forelle
13 December 2017 Krakow, Poland KLUB STUDIO
14 December 2017 Wroclaw, Poland Centrum Koncertowe A2
16 December 2017 Poznan, Poland MTP- Poznan Congress Center
17 December 2017 Gdansk, Poland Klub B90

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