Kendall K Drops Music Video For “Feels Like Christmas”

Kendall Vertes is definitely feeling the the Christmas season with the debut of her new music video for her recently released holiday single, “Feels Like Christmas”. The 15 year old Dance Moms star dropped her “Feels Like Christmas” music video on December 6th with a surprise premiere from Popstar! Magazine.  Kendall’s classic California inspired Christmas video shows the singer rocking a Santa hat in the midst of a romantic date at the beach.

Kendall Vertes new music video

Kendall Vertes drops music video for “Feels Like Christmas”


Kendall previewed the “Feels Like Christmas” music video on her Instagram account last Wednesday (December 6), by teasing fans on the first look of her music video that was shot in Venice Beach, California. Currently, Vertes is on the Irreplaceables Tour with former Dance Mom’s bff Chloe Lukasiak and Kalani Hilliker while her new Christmas song hits radio stations during this holiday season.

Kendall Vertes

Kendall Vertes drops music video for “Feels Like Christmas”


Vertes fans are raving about Kendall’s new singing career and are in full support of her new “Feels Like Christmas” song release. The video already has over 85 thousand views on Youtube, and hundreds of comments. Fans are applauding Kendall on her success for her new festive single that incorporates the best of Christmas jingles.

Kendall Vertes drops music video for “Feels Like Christmas”



Watch Kendall K’s new music for “Feels Like Christmas” here!


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