Meghan Kabir’s “Goodbye Goodbye” lyrics as heard on the Hills


meghan_kabirA lot of you have been inquiring about the song that was featured on MTV’s The Hills a few weeks back.  A catchy tune started playing at the end of the episode when Kristin had a talk with Brody and ended up storming out of his apartment.  That song is Meghan Kabir’sGoodbye Goodbye.” The lyrics are below, and I’m sure about all girls will be able to relate to this!

Dark as the midnight. I’m losing my will to fight. Stuck on the rewind, you’ve broken me bad this time. It’s been one too many lies, and misconceptions but you have to take this wrong direction.

(Chorus)Like a record on repeat, you are not what you forseem, it’s been one too many times goodbye goodbye, every circle comes again, but you push me to my end, this is one too many times goodbye goodbye.

Once bitten, twice burned, I’m losing my will to fight, (its been one too many times) just like the earth turns, I’m moving away this time. It’s been one too many tries ya know I’ve tried but you don’t seem to mind ur making my life! (chorus)

Blackjack and the slot machines, black lights in the limousine, all night as you hit the scene, goin outta ya mind losing ya head. So baby did ya, did ya ever really think of me? Or were you so caught up in ya mystery? You’ll never break me, just become a piece of history! (chorus)2x


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