Meet Jen Glantz : The Professional Bridesmaid!

Jen Glantz, Bridesmaid for Hire

Jen Glantz, CEO and founder of “Bridesmaid for Hire” with a bride at her wedding.

Interview with Bridesmaid for Hire CEO, Jen Glantz

Feeling the Vibe Magazine recently interviewed Jen Glantz, author of “All My Friends are Engaged” and professional bridesmaid and founder of “Bridesmaid for Hire.” Yes you heard right!  Jen Glantz provides her services for weddings as a personal assistant to the bride, serving all of her needs.  Jen’s one of a kind company creates stress-free weddings for the bride and makes sure everything goes smoothly, just as planned.

Read on for the full interview with Jen Glantz to learn more about “Bridesmaid for Hire” and its founder!

1.) When did you know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Since I was a little girl and I would create businesses where I’d employ my Barbies to work at with me!

2.) Did you have a job before this? If so, what was it?

Yes, I’m a copywriter for a tech start-up.

3.) When did you decide to start Bridesmaid for Hire?

When all of my friends got engaged, I became a bridesmaid more times than I could count on both hands. I was nicknamed “the professional bridesmaid” after my roommate noticed that friends of mine were handing out my phone number to brides-to-be, who had questions for me about how to handle unruly and unresponsive bridesmaids or just how to make it through their wedding adventure without loosing their cool – or their minds. I found myself chatting with a new bride almost every week about her own adventure so far, breaking down challenges, giving advice on personal topics, and acting as her impromptu therapist and ultimate bridesmaid consultant.

4.) You said you were in so many weddings, was this your biggest inspiration in starting Bridesmaid for Hire?

I also noticed when I was behind the scenes at weddings, there was truly no one there for the bride. Sure, there was often a wedding planner, but she was focused on the “things” – making sure the room was set up and the vendors arrived on time. If the bride had bridesmaids, they were often busy getting ready and posing for photos. Often leaving the bride to feel overwhelmed and stressed out over last minute tasks and heavy emotions.

5.) When does the bride start her journey with you?

Anywhere from a year and a half to three months before the wedding!

6.) When a bride hires you, what does your job entail?

I’m there, often, as the bride’s personal assistant and on-call therapist. I help her manage and execute her personal to-do list of tasks, which can often be over 100 tasks long. I also work with bridesmaids through my bridesmaid boot camp package where I prepare them via one on one sessions to become a bridesmaid and take on the role – which can often be daunting. I have a selection of packages:

-Virtual Bridesmaid: We just work together virtually before your wedding on managing personal tasks. I also provide advice and consulting to brides on issues with vendors, their wedding party, or any challenges. I provide a different, unbiased perspective on situations that their friends may just gloss over or not be to “in the know” to help with.

-Undercover bridesmaid/ bridesmaid boot camp – are packages to help the MOH or bridesmaids out with their roles. Often being a MOH can feel like a part time job. I’m here to help.

-Ultimate Bridesmaid / Bridesmaid by your side – those packages include the virtual package and also having me on the day of the wedding, either behind the scenes or up at the altar.

* Find out more about Bridesmaid for Hire’s packages, which also includes speech writing!

7.) What kind of advice would you give someone who wants to be an entrepreneur?

Go for it! Don’t let anyone tell you no or that your idea is bonkers. Never take no for an answer and above anything else, never never never give up.

8.) Where do you see “Bridesmaid for Hire” in 5 years?

As an essential part of every single bride’s wedding adventure.

Jen Glantz

Jen Glantz, CEO of “Bridesmaid for Hire” at work!


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