Mariah Carey Chats with Fans on ‘Facebook Live’ on the Eve of her “I Don’t” Video Release

You all have been having a Mariah withdrawal since the season finale of her E! Reality show ‘Mariah’s World’ on Sunday.

Her fans got a great surprise when Mariah took to Facebook Live tonight to chat with her supporters.  

In typical Mariah fashion, she looked glammed up and fabulous relaxing on the bed in her hotel room.  As she mentioned, she is waiting to move into her new house so it’s hotel living for now!

She read off an Apple iPad and answered questions such as “Will there be a second season of Mariah’s World?”  “Do you have a special place where you like to go and write?”  and more.

Check out Mariah Carey on Facebook Live Video Below – 

Enjoy Dahling!