Joanna Pacitti on American Idol Season 8

Joanna Pacitti: From Annie to American Idol
By, Kristen & Diana

Everywhere you turn there’s something about American Idol Season 8 somewhere in the news. Well, aside from the usual, there seems to be one contestant who’s name is shining above the rest and that’s without a lot of people even hearing her voice. That name is, Joanna Pacitti. If you haven’t heard of her well here is the

Name: Joanna Pacitti
First hit the radar screen: as the young 11 year old girl trying out in the nationwide search for the new “Annie” on Broadway. (side note: she won)
State: Pennsylvania
Next step in fame: Signed to Geffen Records and was the voice behind the song, “Watch Me Shine” featured in the hit movie, “Legally Blonde.” This followed with a failed first attempt with an album.

Up to speed? Good. So yes, Joanna was signed with a major record label and even accumulated a good following, joannasome from her Annie days, and others from her current music. However, as with many of the singers and musicians out there, even if they are signed to a label, it does not mean instant success. There was Joanna, at the ripe age of 16, still a minor, she moved across country to Los Angeles, to pursue her singing dreams. Sounded like a good idea, after all she was the chosen one after a search that went across the nation looking for the next “Annie.” That passion and drive was there.

If at first you don’t succeed…
Joanna has had her share of disappointments in the music industry though. As you know, at 11 she was chosen to be the next Annie. We actually saw the special hosted by Barbara Walters on a show called “Turning Point” where producers, casting directors and the like went across the nation searching for the next Annie, sponsored by Macy’s. With Broadway, before you can actually put a show on Broadway in New York City, it must first be promoted in a tour across the country. Joanna played Annie all over the USA only to be told that she would be replaced by the young Brittny Kissinger. That had to hurt. She did enjoy some nice extra publicity from the problem though. Then she was signed to Geffen Records. Now just about anyone in the music industry will tell you an “overnight” success takes at minimum five years (5) to get to that overnight stardom platform. In the silent meantime it’s filled with a lot of hard work, countless hours in the studio, and many creative thoughts to name a few. As you’ll see on the video of Joanna on American Idol, that relationship just didn’t work out.

Now Unsigned…

Now the unsigned Joanna Pacitti decided to go the American Idol route to see if she could choose another avenue jpto follow to fulfill her musical dream. Honestly, when we heard Joanna would be on American Idol we were happy and excited to hear how she sounded today. It was rather a surprise when we began hearing all the negative news surrounding her appearance on the show. Why shouldn’t she have the opportunity to portray her talents to Simon, Randy, and Paula plus the rest of America like many others? She wouldn’t have been able to get through that far if it was against the rules for the show.

Mystery and Talent

Joanna Pacitti is a 23 year old with a great talent and a mysterious quality that will intrigue audiences. We’re interested to see how this girl handles the upcoming rounds. The group round always brings about some new personalities and a different angle to look at music from. We’ll be watching!