Jess & Gabriel Conte Postpone Tour Date in Washington DC

Another Day Another Tour got off to a great start.  The famous YouTube duo kicked off the tour in San Francisco, followed by San Diego, and ending in their hometown of Los Angeles.  Excited members of the ConTeam loved the shows and continuously posted to social media of their photos with Jess & Gabe.

After a couple days off, they were scheduled to come out to the east coast.  First stop, Washington DC originally scheduled for Wednesday, October 11th.  However, plans were changed when Jess fell ill during the tour.  


They posted this message to their social media profiles to alert fans.

Another Day Another Tour Washington DC

Jess’s mom felt so bad and posted to Instagram to her daughter on the other side of the world.  Look at this sweet message:

But don’t worry, Jess and Gabe have already rescheduled their Washington DC show!  We wish Jess a speedy recovery 🙂