It’s Sisterly Love for Kendall Vertes from #DanceMoms – Photos Inside!

Calling all Dance Moms fans!  Kendall Vertes is a staple in the Lifetime reality dance show.  

Kendall is one of the extremely talented dancers on the hit show and a Feeling the Vibe favorite. (Check out our exclusive interview with Kendall & mom Jill)  She can often be seen on stage and off with fellow dancers, Kalani Hilliker, Maddie Ziegler, and Brynn Rumfallo, to name a few.

Her mom Jill is often portrayed on ‘Dance Moms‘ with her daughter.  But, did you know that Kendall has two older sisters?  Yes!  Jill has three daughters, Ryleigh, Charlotte and Kendall.  Ryleigh is also a dancer!  The whole family is super close.  Check out these adorable photos below!


Beach & Boardwalk Summer Fun

Kendall Vertes with her mother, father, and sisters

Kendall Vertes and her family are enjoying the summer at Fager’s Island!


Sisters Selfie Time!

Kendall Vertes and two older sisters Ryleigh and Charlotte

Kendall with her two older sisters, Ryleigh and Charlotte snapping a selfie!


Great Support System

Kendall Vertes and family photo

The whole family comes out to support Ryleigh, who is also a dancer! (Kendall was inspired to dance by Ryleigh)

Kendall the Driver

Kendall Vertes and sister Ryleigh Vertes

Kendall’s sister, Ryleigh shared this photo to Instagram, while on vacation at the beach in Delaware.

Santa Baby

Kendall Vertes with sisters Charlotte and Ryleigh

It’s Christmas Morning in the Vertes household!  The sisters are all matching in adorable plaid pajamas.  


Family Selfie Time

Kendall Vertes, mother, father, and sisters

The whole family jumped into the shot for this fun selfie! 


Kendall Vertes, Charlotte Vertes, Ryleigh Vertes

Kendall and her sisters Charlotte and Ryleigh look so much alike!

So Ready for the Taylor Swift Concert

Kendall Vertes with sister Ryleigh and Maddie Ziegler

A rare shot of Kendall, with her sister Ryleigh and fellow dancer Maddie Ziegler getting ready to fangirl over Taylor Swift.


Photo Credit: Charlotte Vertes Instagram and Ryleigh Vertes Instagram

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