It’s a Frasco Fiasco

It’s a Frasco Fiasco
By, Kristen & Diana

andy2Mix together one part piano, one part strong vocals, and another part rhythm, heat it up with a musical style that is sure to be a trendsetter and you have Andy Frasco. So who is Andy Frasco you may ask? He’s the newest artist we’re bringing to the Feeling the Vibe stage. Just off a nationwide tour, Andy is back in his hometown near Los Angeles, California. Andy and his band found themselves all over the country as they made their way to audiences awaiting their performances from east to west and north to south.

Going on tour is always an important experience for an artist. It is a time for bonding, learning about their own music, having creative ideas, and seeing new places they’ve never seen before. With so many experiences to be had Andy shares, “when I finally realized I was on the open road with my close friends playing music to new people everyday,” he felt he was at the high point of his tour. They traveled by ground transportation for the most part and while Andy had a wonderful time everywhere he went he can’t help but have a true love for “Madison, Wisconsin, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and New York City.” All of these cities are certainly tour stops he will truly remember. As he traveled he knew there were going to be unexpected surprises for he and his band. When you throw yourself into a full out tour across country for the first time bringing new music to the country and beyond it will be an unforgettable tour. Many new artists can’t help but wonder if they will be welcome in the cities they visit and if their music will be well received. Andy shares, “itandy was so great to see how nice and welcoming everyone was to complete strangers in their towns.”

First tours can be exciting and energizing yet at the same time, as I’m sure we’ve all felt when being away from home for a long time, it’s always nice to get back. When asked what he missed most from home, Andy mentions, “sleeping in my own bed and not in the van or on the floor of someone’s home.” Yet always the energetic and humorous Andy, he sums up the tour with “I can’t believe my band put up with me for two months straight!”

Andy Frasco has a passion and drive for music that is real and powerful. It is truly genuine and something that can be heard in his performances. Get ready to learn much more about Andy. In true Feeling the Vibe style, we will help you get up close to Andy, finding out about this new music style, his album “Growth and Progress,” who he is, his intriguing story of how he began, plus where he’s going. The Andy Frasco spotlight will bring you an exclusive interview, pictures, music clips, and some more extras. This is a name you’ll be hearing about, so find out about him first on Feeling the Vibe!

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