How to Spot a Fake Shure SM-57 Microphone

Fake vs. Real Shure SM-57 Microphone

With the popularity and the audio prowess of the Shure SM57-LC Microphone, a spawn of copycats have been created.  We are here to help you know if your SM-57 is a real one or a fake.

Shure Microphone Fake vs. Real

Look below at the list for comparisons so you can spot a Shure SM-57LC fake!
On the Package:
Fake: Bigger letters on the label
Fake: SHURE logo which is beveled and shiny
Real: Logo is all black
Real: Lists a cable tie in the package contents

Inside the Package:
Fake: bag is glossy with plastic cheaper leather
Fake: grill which sticks up more
Fake: logo on the microphone which is stretched out and not as bold
Fake: shiny sticker on the mouthpiece area
Fake: Three holes on the side at the bottom
Fake: “A” on top of the metal strip at the bottom of the microphone
Fake¬† Top that doesn’t spin
Fake: Harsh sound with a lot of volume
Real: Bag is a matte finish
Real: Two holes on the side at the bottom
Real: Top that freely spins

Buy the Shure SM-57LC Microphone from a reputable dealer.