How to Be Photogenic: Look Picture Ready Like Megan from ‘The Arrangement’ with these 4 Beauty Essentials

Do you cringe when you see someone pull out their smartphone to snap a picture of you at a party?  It’s soon all over social media and you wish you could go into their account and just take it down.  Learning how to be picture ready at any time takes practice.  

Aspiring actress, Megan from ‘The Arrangement knows how it feels to be in this situation.  On the recent episode 2 entitled ‘The Ex,’ Megan saw just how important it was to always look picture ready when accompanying her A-list boyfriend Kyle West to his film festival.  



We are sharing our 4 essential beauty items you can carry in your clutch at the next party that will have you loving every photo.  

1 ) Larger Eyes

Carry a dark eyeliner with you.  It certainly doesn’t take up much space in your clutch and can help you create the perfect beautiful eye. (We like COVERGIRL Perfect Point PLUS Eyeliner Black)  Makeup artist Carmindy gives this tip, “If you completely cover both the top and bottom lash lines with liner, you’re going to close the eye, making it look smaller. To make it look larger, you only want to apply it both halfway on top and bottom.

2 ) Fill In Your Brows

Eyebrows give you the character and shape to your facial expressions.  Brows tend to be overlooked but take a huge part in you either looking washed out and tired versus wide awake and picture ready.  (Candace Cameron Bure swears by the Milani Easy Brow Pencil

Megan Morrison in The Ex

Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) in episode 2 of “The Arrangement” waiting for her glass of wine.


3 ) Let Your Hair Shine

Who doesn’t love shiny glossy hair?  “Spray-on shine is great for a last minute add-on shine,” says hair stylist Serge NormantBefore the photo opp, make a quick trip to the bathroom and spritz on some of Serge Normant Meta Sheer Finishing Oil ($24 at for that extra shine!

4 ) Sparkling Smile

Nothing makes a photo better than a shining white smile.  We know the scenario.  You’re having a great time at the party, sipping on wine talking to that cute guy.  The wine may taste sweet, it may even have helped you get the nerve up to talk to the guy you’ve been eyeing all night but it does leave unsightly stains on your teeth.  You need to carry a pack of Wine Wipes in your clutch. They wipe the wine off your smile without interfering with taste. ($7.26 on Amazon for Wine Wipes box containing 12 single packs)


Bathroom selfie the arrangement

Freshening up for her bathroom selfie of course


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