[Get the Look] Ariana Grande

Want to match Ariana’s incredible fashion style?  Take a look at this photo, it already has 1 million likes on Instagram.  We thought it was super cute, so we broke it down to help you get the fabulous look too!

Original Photo:

Ariana Grande Perfume 2016

So here are links to our outfit matches.  Get this adorable, classic black and white ensemble and show it off on your next night out.  Ariana Grande has this look down, and so should you!

The Shirt: Women’s Ribbed White T-Shirt    – Just $13

The Skirt: Women’s Black Pencil Skirt  – Just $19

The Boots: Black Heeled Shoe Boots  – Just $83

*Please note, these are similar items to the outfit in the photo and are not exact.