Get Taylor Swift’s Casual and Classy Beach Look!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Lorde hanging out at the beach!

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift headed to the beach in Malibu with her friend and singer Lorde, wearing dark dress shorts and a long sleeve blue button down shirt. To complement her overall beach look, she added dark glasses to her outfit.

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Smooth Retro Style Sunglasses

Taylor Swift

In her beach look, Taylor is wearing dark wayfarer style sunglasses that were especially big in the 80’s. The original design has swept through Hollywood, with stars including Emma Stone and Katy Perry seen wearing them. These glasses will definitely make a great fit with any outfit, while giving your eyes extra protection from the sun during the summer.

Price: $14.95 + shipping

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Blue Crossover Button Down Shirt

Taylor SwiftTo give her outfit a contrast, Taylor wears a light blue blouse that has a 3/4 sleeve length. The design of this shirt is especially unique as it isn’t too baggy or too tight, yet provides the fit in between. Its light color makes it a great fit with dark shorts or a navy skirt, complemented with some cute sandals.

Price: $34.76 + shipping

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Cooperative High Waisted Denim Shorts

Taylor SwiftTaylor has made these shorts famous, and usually wears them when she is going out and even on her tour concerts. These high waisted shorts are perfect for wearing during the summer to the beach, park, pool, or anywhere else you plan on heading. They are cute, comfortable, and overall will make a great addition to your wardrobe.

Price: $49 + shipping

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Your overall look and style will be very much similar to Taylor’s original:

Taylor Swift


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