[FIRST LOOK] Watch Infamous “Carried a Watermelon” Scene from the New Dirty Dancing Movie

Calling all Dirty Dancing fans!  ABC’s new adaptation of Dirty Dancing is coming soon.  We love to provide sneak peeks of this greatly anticipated special event to our readers.

The original scene where Baby accompanies Johnny’s friend to the lodge for the first time and sees the whole crew letting loose , dancing all over the hall has become infamous.  Johnny walks over to Baby and asks his friend “Who is she?”  He responds, “She came with me.”  We’ve all been there when the cute guy comes over to us and we forget how to speak and trip all over our words.  Well, Baby says “I carried a watermelon” as Johnny stares at her and walks away.  

[VIDEO] Watch the Original Dirty Dancing Watermelon Scene with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey as Johnny and Baby.



[VIDEO] The new Dirty Dancing recreates this scene with Baby (Abigail Breslin) and Johnny Castle (Colt Prattes).  Watch this exclusive video now!


Catch Dirty Dancing on ABC, May 24th from 8-11pm EST