[Fashion] We are Obsessed with the @SelenaGomez Gold Charm and You Will Be Too!

Selena Gomez jewelry

Selena Gomez has got it going on lately – from slaying the fashion game to her killer new music – she pretty much has it all. And now, you can nab a part of her look for yourself!

Sel was spotted rocking a gold charm on her ankle along with a similar stranded necklace. While the actual jewels are most likely uber expensive, we’ve found some cool steals! These pieces will give you the exact same (or a super similar look!) for a whole lot less! Win-win! Check out the dupes below!

For her necklace:

For her anklet:


Hopefully these picks will help you mimic Selena’s cute fashion choice! Good luck and happy shopping!


Source: IG: @ilovemygomez