Entrepreneur, Dylan Cox reveals path into film industry

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Maybe you have an idea but don’t know where to start. Feeling the Vibe caught up with a young up and coming actor throwing his hat into the proverbial entertainment ring and already making a big splash. Dylan Cox and brother Daniel, are already taking strides to set their film entertainment company apart from others. Dylan shares his experiences and important words of advice he likes to live by.


Entrepreneur Dylan Cox with twin brother Daniel

Entrepreneur Dylan Cox with twin brother Daniel

Within America’s competitive entertainment industry lies thousands of aspiring directors, optimistic actors and potential Hollywood personas. Whereas a large proportion of these hopefuls allow fate to decide their futures, one ambitious young man took matters into his own hands, kick-starting his own career through the formation of his own film company. Based in Oklahoma, UFilmProductions began four years ago, after owner Dylan Cox realized an extraordinary acting role wouldn’t simply come to him after time passed by; he had to work to achieve his dreams.

Though the birth of the production company was relatively recent, the entertainment entrepreneur had always foreseen a career in the arts for himself—even before he gained a degree in advertising that helped him find success in his current work. With parents encouraging his own self-expression in his childhood years and beyond, art grew to be a field set for him to master.

After maturing from elementary crayons to sculpting, Cox found a love for film inside himself. Speaking on this passion, he stated, “[Film is] where I can utilize all of my creativity to help other people feel, see and understand how beautiful life can truly be. I find film to be the ultimate creative medium and that is why I have chosen this business.”

The enormous achievements Cox made within UFilmProductions—his biggest one being the completion of feature length documentary, “We Are Rural,” in his opinion—could not have been made alone. Heading a business is rarely an easy task when working solo. According to the young entrepreneur, community relations and word-of-mouth communication are two of the most important tools for starting and expanding a business, making surrounding people as important as a business owner.

“I really cannot single out one person that I have learned the most from,” Cox said, “but there are several people that I have had the opportunity to work with in this business and I always pick up something from every job/project where I am involved.”

However, Dylan Cox is not a man defined by all work, no play. Outside of his work and activities relating to film, he enjoys working out, fly-fishing and occasionally dating.

“Creativity and focus, for me at least, go hand in hand and I must take a break from time to time,” the business owner expressed. “In an acting class, I once heard my acting coach say that you must have a life, go do things with friends and plan trips, even if it is just for a day. Too much focus on any one thing can drive anyone crazy.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Cox suggests maintaining “passion, confidence, and responsibility,” three traits he believes are important for success.

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