Meeting Chris Trousdale VIP Part 2

Meeting Chris Trousdale VIP

Meeting Chris Trousdale VIP



Steph’s Very First Chris Encounter

 Me and my friends have always loved Dream Street since the beginning. When they broke up, we continued to listen to their music and we also listened to their solo music. We would always say that it would be so beyond amazing if we ever met them but we never thought it was possible. But one day (around February 20) we were hanging out and listening to Chris’s music and we decided to go online and do a search and see if he had like a fan website or something. We found a few websites and we also joined some Chris trousdale fan groups on myspace. Then like the next day or something feelingthevibe requested to be my friend. I didn’t really know what it was but it looked interesting so I accepted them. Then one of my friends, Alyssa, saw that they were having a contest to go to a VIP showcase in the city. I really didn’t think it was worth it to enter. But she convinced me we should just try. So we decided that Sunday night we would join the chat to see what we had to do to enter. Unfortunately, my computer wasn’t letting me go online that night and Alyssa was going out to dinner with her family. My 3 other friends really didn’t think it was worth it to enter. So we missed the chat. But then when Alyssa came home, she told FTV that she missed the chat. Then, because they are soo nice!, they sent her the information she missed! The next day when we got into school in the morning Alyssa told me and my 3 other friends and we were sooo excited!!! We had 2 days to prepare and so that is just what we did. During their lunch period, my 3 friends, Alyssa Chelsea and Pam, went to the library to study the website.

On Wednesday night at 4:30, we all planned to go online. We made a chat with the 5 of us and decided to divide up the questions among us. Each person did 3 questions. Then the people that finished first helped the others. We finished all the questions in about 20 minutes. Then we reviewed our answers, crossed our fingers, and submitted it. The next 3 days in school we were all so anxious to find out if we won. On Friday night, we all went to Pam’s house and just listened to Chris’s music all night. Haha. Then we sat on her bed and turned the lights off and named all the reasons why we deserved this and how happy it would make us. Haha we are such losers. So the next day was Saturday and on it said the winners would be announced on the weekend. I was soo anxious all day. At around 6 p.m. me and Alyssa lost hope because it seemed too late by now and we hadn’t received winning emails. Then around 11 p.m. I was on myspace and FTV posted a bulletin that said they would notify the winners tonight! I got soo happy/nervous. Me and Alyssa just sat at our computers and waited. And waited. And waited. And we decided that if we found out we won we were going to run to each other’s houses and scream. Haha. So then about a half hour later I saw a comment on FTV’s myspace that said thank you girls so much I love you and cant wait to see you”. I got so upset and knew for a fact that there was no more hope. But then FTV posted another bulletin that said they were having some difficulties with the emails so they would figure it out soon. There was still hope! So I kept waiting. It was now around 1 a.m. I decided I should go to bed and just try to forget about this because I knew I didn’t win.

The next morning my friends Chelsea called me and said she got an email saying to join their chat tonight because they had important information to tell her! So Chelsea, Tricia, Pam, and Alyssa came over my house that day and while they were there Alyssa and Tricia got the same email Chelsea got! Maybe there was still hope. We were so excited that we ran in the street and screamed. Haha. At 5 p.m. we went in the chat and while we waited for FTV to enter, we talked with the other people in the chat. We asked if this chat meant that you won and they said yes!!!! We all screamed soooooo loud. Finally, Chelsea Alyssa and Tricia got the emails saying they won. We were so happy. But, me and Pam didn’t get one. So Chelsea decided she would email FTV and see if they could spare two more tickets. So then at 7 p.m. my friends left and I cleaned up a little bit. Then, I checked my email one more time just in case I got one even though I knew I didn’t. Well, me and Pam both did!!!!!! I screamed so loud. Then for a week and a half me and my friends were so anxious we could not wait. Practically everyone in our grade knew that we loved him and we were going to see him.

Then on the 15, the day of the concert, we went to school and I could not concentrate at all. Haha. I got home at 2:30 and got ready. Then we all met at Chelsea’s house and drove to the train station. When we got into the city we got pizza and then went to the studio. We had to walk like 10 blocks. And then I said to my mom “how much more do we have to walk?” and she said “you see that awning with the 520 on it? That’s it” we all started screaming and ran to it. Then in the doorway a man held up a picture of Chris and Anna and we started screaming. Then we went into the waiting room. We were so excited/nervous. Then 2 girls came up to us and said they were FTV and we were like omg I love you and hugged them haha. And then they said “you guys never met Chris before right” and we said yes. And they told us he’s really nice and we need to sit in the front row! I got soo excited. Then when they said it was time for us to go in FTV told us to go quick so we could get close. So we tried to push through people and then a lady said, “Let these girls go first, they never met him” she was soo nice!!! So we kinda got in like the second row.

When Chris came out I screamed soo loud!!!! We were probably the loudest people there lol. And while he sang turn it up Chelsea blew him a kiss and he blew one back!!

So after he performed we talked with FTV and they were so nice! And Pam started crying haha. Then Chris came back out for the meet and greet. FTV told us to go last so we did. First we met Anna and she was really nice. Then when we got up to Chris, FTV told him we were the girls who never met him and he was sooooooo sweet omg. He said to us “wow you girls are beautiful” aww! He signed all of our pictures and took pictures.

He asked us where we were from and we said Ronkonkoma and he couldn’t pronounce it. It was adorable! Then we gave him the video we made him and he said he would definitely watch it! Aww! After we all met him he said “where my Ronkonkoma girls” and then we all hugged him. Then we said goodbye to FTV and then as we were leaving we yelled bye and he said bye back! Then we ran out screaming lol. As we were leaving we saw Claudia and took pictures with her. And we saw rusty! Aww! When we walked outside there was like no one around so we screamed we love Chris and someone heard us. It was one of Chris’s dancers! She was walking home I guess and she said “I’m one of Chris’s dancers I mean no harm. Can u say that one more time for the camera” then she filmed us. Haha! Then we walked back to the train station still screaming lol. I was in heaven. Everyone we passed in the city probably knew we just met him because we kept screaming it haha.

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