Meeting Chris Trousdale VIP Part 3

Cristina’s Encounter Story with Chris

Wednesday march 15th,2006 reunited with chris trousdale πŸ™‚ after like 3 whole months without seeing him =[[ i missed him soooo much! anywho, that day was pretty much fun! I went to school,came home,got ready again,left at 4:30ishpm got there around 5:30ish. I met up with my friends Lisa,Britt,Dianne…. I also saw other people i knew from concerts like meghan,kelly,sarah, a few more… for the first concert I got front row=] yay for front! I was being so hyper and hmmm chris was dancing right infront of me while he was holding my hand.. eeeeep – teeny moment- lmao im over it!! Anna + Chris still sang a few more songs.. Finally the meet and greet .. It was awesome! UGH! Chris is such a tease πŸ˜€ he was about to put permitt marker on my nose!! hahaha i was laughing and he was like hey, wuts ur name??! me:Uhmmmmmmm , r u joking? chris- duhhhhh, ur name is cristina.. I already knew that! I was like -rolled eyes- sureeeee lol… I still love him!!!! After the first meet n greet we went back outside to wait for the 2nd show to begin … Luckyly, We stayed the 2nd show was louder πŸ˜€ since there were new fans ;p I couldn’t believe how loud it was!!! I was sitting in the back for the 2nd show but that’s ok i didn’t mind i still had fun taking pics of me with my friend britt durning the concert! lmao πŸ˜€ we took soo many bad pics of ourselves but whateves…. the 2nd m&g started…. we were like the last ones on line but it was worth the wait! I love being last on the m&g line – – more time with him – – I got my single pic and than I asked for a group pic so he did… I loved it =]]

some fans kept going in my way while it was my turn with chris we were like soo annyoed =d but anyways……. we head over to clauida swan to get a pic with her… since shes pretty amazing herself =] i love that girl!! I always ask for pics with cluida .hehe and so we did and we talked for a few =] she saw my neckless and was like * wooo some bling bling * lmao I cracked up…. I saw sorta upset that the pic came out blurry cause my camera sucks I need a new one πŸ™‚ which will be soon lol… So after that we stayed a little long till lisa was done with the things she needed to do after the show πŸ˜€ than we had to leave since it was on a skewl night and we couldn’t go out to dinner like the usual.. but thats ok we see eachother all the time!!

Jamie’s Chris Encounter at the Showcase

Hmm…what could I possibly say about the 15 that wouldn?t be too modest…lol…The VIP concert was beyond amazing. Both Chris and Anna did a wonderful job, and both of them compliment each other very well. I definitely hope to see more of them. Well, to start off…this wasnt my first time meeting the two of them…I have met them both before. But, I just love their personalities, so I keep coming back for more. They both did awesome! Chris had the hottest dance moves to go along with his gorgeous voice, as usual. And, Anna looked amazingly beautiful , with an amazing voice to go along with it. I just love seeing them when they perform together. They gave off so much energy, I was dancing and singing the whole time!…lol…The show was soo good that I even stayed to see it again!…ahh and the second time around the crowd was even louder…it blew me away..and to see both Chris and Anna?s faces light up, made my night!…I love to see them succeeding in what they do best. I definitely hope to see them on T.V. very soon.

Chris came out the first time and performed “Tongue Ring” and “Turn it Up”, both which were amazing. Then Anna sang her new song “Say it Again”, I absolutely love that song!!…Then Chris and Anna did duets together. “Im gonna make you love me” and “You?re the one that I want”. They were fantastic! The second time around Chris performed “Let Me Let Go” instead of “Tongue Ring” and the rest of the songs were the same as the first concert.

Overall it was an amazing night…but the best part was to come. The meet and greet!..Ahh those are the best …cause I just love going up to talk with Chris and Anna. They are honestly the sweetest people I know. They care so much about what you have to say. They are just a pleasure to talk to, and of course to joke around with!… :o)

Anna was so sweet, and wanted to know how I liked her new song…It was awesome..and I loved it…its different than what she usually does…as she said to me…lol….but its up-tempo and a really great song to dance to…Chris is gettin? some competition…hahaha…no really though…they both have great talents!

Chris…hmm…he was just…amazingly goofy??…haha…yeah he was a blast to talk to ….eventhough everytime I go up to him he likes to play this little game with my name…pretending he doesnt know it…just to see what I?ll do next….but he always makes me laugh in the end when he tells me o0oh don?t worry Jamie..I know who you are…HAHA….then of course I told him how it was quite and unlucky day to be out and about…cause im Irish and my family is VERY superstitious…and his concert happened to be on the Ides of March…which isnt a very lucky day…but Chris made it a point to tell me that I looked beautiful tonight..and that it hasnt been a bad day cause we were all together dancing and having a good time!…ahh I never wanted it to end….

I had a great time…and I cant wait to see Chris and Anna again. They’re a blast to be with..and I can always count on them the put a smile on my face!


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