Yo’ Dough: Your Favorite Dessert Now in a Cookie

Posted on 22 Jul 2013 at 5:00pm

If you love cookies but are getting a little bored of that same old chocolate chip, your virtual prayers have just been answered. Yo’ Dough is an online retailer of new and unique cookie flavors, not normally sold in stores.

Creator Jesse Schwarz started baking cookies as a kid, and by age 14 received so much positive feedback about them that he began selling his creations in local Montreal shops. After finishing school and a few years of other business ventures, Jesse picked right back up where he left off. The concept for Yo’ Dough started to emerge, and by March 2012, they were selling in stores once again. The online shop ( launched just six months ago and is already wildly popular. Jesse claims, “When we first started, I had no idea what to expect and now were doing thousands of cookies a week, so we just keep working to get more and more people to try our cookies!”

When asked where the inspiration for some of the unique cookie flavors (such as mint chocolate chip and birthday cake) originated, Schwarz says he simply took several classic desserts and ice cream flavors and turned them into cookies. “I never put a limit on my imagination,” he says. “I don’t believe in rules or recipes.”

As for retail stores, Jesse and the Yo’ Dough team have their sights set on opening all over Toronto first, followed by every major city in Canada and the U.S. in the upcoming year. Until then, you can get your cookies shipped all over the U.S. and Canada from the website in 10 days or less.

When asked what his ultimate goal with the franchise is, Schwarz replied, “To continue to build a brand that makes everyone have more fun and see things in a new, fresh way. I want more and more people to eat our crazy cookie flavors and realize that there are no limits to not only how you can bake, but also how you can live life.”

It’s safe to say that this rising entrepreneur definitely doesn’t keep all of his cookies in one jar.

For more info or to buy cookies, check out or on social media.


John Stamos Joins Cast of “Necessary Roughness” & Full House Then & Now!

Posted on 06 Jun 2013 at 1:02pm

If you’ve missed regularly seeing hunky Full House actor John Stamos on the small screen, you’re not alone. Since the series finale of ER, we’ve only been able to catch a glimpse of Stamos here and there with short-lived guest roles on shows such as Glee and The New Normal. Fortunately for Full House fans, John has just signed on for a season-long recurring guest role for the third season of the USA network’s popular series Necessary Roughness. John is set to play a powerful businessman who attempts to entice series star Callie Thorne’s character Dani to join his company.

Season 3 of Necessary Roughness premieres June 12th at 10:00pm on USA.












With the exception of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, John Stamos has remained one of the most active stars in the business of the Full House cast since its finale in 1995. John has dived into pursuing his musical love as well with a role in Broadway’s Bye Bye Birdie as well as occasionally taking the stage for live shows touring with The Beach Boys.

Watch John perform “Summertime Blues” with the Beach Boys on tour in his favorite place, Disney World!

Oh and did we mention that John was honored with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2009?  A few Full House cast members joined him for the celebration. (see photo in gallery below)

Some of the other cast members have also continued acting; some have made a name for themselves in stand-up comedy, while others preferred to retire into a “normal” life.

Bob Saget, who played Danny Tanner on Full House and also hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos in the 1990s is now a stand-up comedian. He tours all over North America and has also had hour-long comedy specials airing on HBO and Showtime. However, Bob’s material is far from what we’ve seen from him as the clean freak father of three on Full House. Saget’s comedy is often highly offensive and quite raunchy.

Dave Coulier, known for his portrayal of lovable character Joey Gladstone on Full House, like Saget is also currently touring his stand-up act. Coulier’s character was famous for his spot-on impressions of cartoon characters such as Bullwinkle the moose and Popeye the sailor man. Unlike Saget though, Dave has stayed true to his Full House persona. The comedian delivers clean-cut jokes and still regularly uses his gift of impressions.

Since Full House, actress Lori Loughlin, who played Aunt Becky, has been working steadily in the acting world. In 2004, she took on a leading role once again in the short-lived WB series, Summerland. In 2008, she joined the cast as a regular on the new 90210. Lori has also just recently completed several TV movies that are set to air in the very near future. In her free time, she enjoys being a wife to designer Mossimo Giannulli and mother to her two daughters.

Get a glimpse of Lori in a scene from 90210

Eldest daughter, DJ Tanner, played by Candace Cameron leads a very busy life these days. After Full House, Candace married NHL hockey player Valeri Bure (they were introduced by Dave Coulier!). She has dedicated herself to living well and has lost a substantial amount of weight since her Full House days. She has also taken up religion and spirituality and is involved in many church activities in her community. Somehow, this mother of three also finds time for acting. She regularly appears in TV movies as well as her recent three-season gig on ABC Family’s “Make It or Break It”.

Jodie Sweetin who played adorable middle-child, Stephanie Tanner on Full House is slowly making her way back into the acting world after an unfortunate downward spiral. Sweetin began using methamphetamine following the wrap of Full House due to boredom. For several years, she abused alcohol and drugs before finally getting sober in the late 2000s. Jodie gave birth to two daughters in 2008 and 2010, and is currently on her third marriage. Beginning in 2009, Jodie returned to acting in several independent films and five webisodes of the internet show, “Can’t Get Arrested.”  It is rumored that she will be voicing the mermaid princess in the 2013 animated film Jacob and the Gnome.

It’s hard to believe that entrepreneurs Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen once shared the role of infant Michelle on Full House. The twins’ careers skyrocketed following the end of the sitcom. They starred in and produced countless adventure videos and feature films before the age of 18. Not to mention, the girls created their own junior clothing line, book series, and Barbie dolls. After becoming legal adults, the Olsens put acting on the back burner to pursue an education at NYU and focus solely on fashion. Their current clothing line, Elizabeth and James has become immensely popular all over the world.

Lastly, how could we forget wacky next-door neighbor Kimmy Gibler (Andrea Barber) and DJ’s long-term boyfriend, Steve Hale (Scott Weinger)? After Full House, Andrea stepped out of the acting world to attend college and get married. She is a mother of two and takes her role very seriously. Believe it or not, Andrea and Candace are still best friends! They can regularly be spotted hanging out or running marathons together in the Los Angeles area.

Scott Weinger was also the voice of Aladdin for a number of years in the 1990s. He has now shifted his focus to being behind the cameras. Most recently, he has produced over 30 episodes of 90210 and has also written a handful of scripts for the recently cancelled series.

In September 2012, the entire cast (minus the Olsen twins) reunited to mark the 25th anniversary of the show with lots of laughs, dancing, and even a cake in the shape of the famous Tanner house.



Exclusive Interview with “The Bible” Producer, Mark Burnett

Posted on 21 Mar 2013 at 11:50am

We had the honor and privilege of speaking with Mark Burnett, the executive producer of so many hit shows such as The Bachelor, Survivor, Shark Tank, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and most recently the History Channel’s mini series, “The Bible.” “The Bible” has had an amazing start with huge audiences watching all over the United States.  Mark Burnett himself projects one billion people around the world will see this series.  The intensity and voracity of the series will truly change the way you think and help The Bible come to life.  Mark Burnett along with his wife, Roma Downey are pure class acts who are working to inspire people everywhere with their series, “The Bible.“  They are the true power couple!

Read below to learn about where Mark Burnett finds his inspiration for his many successful ideas, why he doesn’t like to listen to his critics, and how perseverance has been a cornerstone of his success.



Exclusive Interview: Meet “Rewind” Hit Master Skye Stevens

Posted on 13 Mar 2013 at 1:43pm

There’s a new kid on the musical scene, his name is Skye Stevens and this song master is reaching for the stars in the sky with a dedication and passion for music that is certain to delight your ears.  He sings, dances, and even plays an instrument.  How did he break into the business, and how can you see Skye Stevens in action?  Read all about it here.  Feeling the Vibe has you covered!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from?
I’m a recording artist based in LA who moved out here from Boston. I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was five when I had my first singing and dancing lessons.  I’ve always been fascinated by the arts and astonished by its ability to transcend a message to either one person or one million people. I’m an extremely driven and dedicated person that is on a mission to change the world through my music and performances.

How did you break into the business?
I’ve been performing in everything from shows to dance competitions throughout my life, but what really “broke” me into the industry professionally was  my single, “Takes All night.” It was released to various clubs as well as dance radio stations, which landed me into the Top 20 on the Billboard Club/Dance chart. The record was then serviced to Top 40 radio where in August it was the highest charting indie record in the nation on Mediabase’s Top40 airplay chart. I have spent time from June untill now visiting radio stations and performing at major concert venues opening for artists such as Austin Mahone, Cher Lloyd, and Phillip Phillips.

Do you write your own songs?
I do write, but the two singles that are on radio now were written by a musical genius who I am so humbled by. His name is Mischke, and he’s one of the industry’s top people.

Who do you go to for advice?

I am blessed to have a camp of people around me that I can go to for anything. When I’m working on creative projects, style choices, and mental sanity I go to my manager Dawna “D.” When I need help with decisions on everyday life, I go old school and call up my mom for a chat.

What is playing on your ipod right now?
Everything from Rihanna to Diddy to Damien Rice to NE-YO.  I’ve always had a pretty vast variety of musical interests, which allows me to appreciate many music genres.

Who are your favorite artists, past and present?
I have many different favorite artists for different reasons. Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson are my biggest inspirations. They both have a way of commanding the stage. There was never an error, never a sloppy careless moment, rather, everything was strategic and memorable. Every performance was treated as their last, which is a mentality that I have taken from them. Other artists I admire are NE-YO, Usher, Trey Songz, Alexandra Stan, and Diddy.

In your music video, you look like you’re having a lot of fun, what was most surprising about filming a music video?
How much work it is.  We wanted to create something against the grain and that would be different for a record that talks mainly about a club atmosphere. Instead, we created a love story about a young boy chasing a girl through downtown LA, dancing through alleys, and earning her heart by the end of the night. I also wanted to pay tribute to Michael Jackson. In his “Billy Jean” video, when he danced down the street the sidewalk lit up behind him.  In my video, there are moments when I dance with light movements follow my feet.

Do you play any instruments?
I can play piano. But not so much reading music, more creating by ear.

What other interests do you have outside of music?
I love the movies. Film is something that I find to be so fascinating. When just a screen with images can take you away from all your problems and troubles and take you on a journey to wherever the story is going, that is something to be in awe of.

What is your favorite song to sing?
Right now…. “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun Thun” just because it makes me laugh and isn’t super serious!

How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as “European-HipHop.” It’s always a fitted jean with a bigger jacket, or something like a normal jacket with studs on it. I like to fuse the swag and hardness of the urban world with the sleek tapered look of the euro world, which actually is a representation of my music which is an “urban-pop/dance” fusion. I like to represent myself and my music harmoniously.

Where did you learn to dance?
I’ve been dancing since I was five and haven’t stopped. I’ve learned from the best professionals all over the world, but mainly from Boston & New York City.  I have trained my entire life and now that I’m on my own in LA, I go to the dance studio two to three times a week alone, rent a small studio for an hour or two and work on creating new moves.

How long have you been dancing?
My whole life

Where will you be touring?
We’ve toured a lot this year……
California (Sacramento/San Francisco/ Los Angeles/Santa Rosa California)
Texas (Austin/San Antonio/Dallas)
Oregon (Portland)
Massachusetts (Boston)
New York (Long Island, Long beach, NYC)
Maryland (Baltimore, DC)
Washington (Seattle)
Minnesota (Minneapolis)
North Carolina (Myrtle Beach)
South Carolina (Charlotte)

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Exclusive Interview with Ainsley Bailey “Dina” From Disney’s Shake it Up!

Posted on 07 May 2012 at 12:01pm

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from?

Well I was born in Scottsdale, Arizona and lived there for a couple years before moving to Plano, Texas. When I’m not acting, I like hanging out with family and friends. I’m pretty low key! One of my favorite ways to unwind is playing video games with my best friend, Lauren. We get really into it! My older brother, Chase, got me into video games at an early age and it’s remained a favorite hobby of mine. I also love to read! I recently got a Kindle and I’ve been making good use of it!

2. How did you find out about the auditions for Shake it Up?
My manager actually got me the audition while I was in Texas. She told me they were looking for someone to play Deuce’s love interest in the episode “Match it Up!” I was so excited! It seemed like a really fun role. I flew out to LA the next day for the audition. The callback was the day after, and I found out that night that I booked it!

3. Did you originally audition for the role of Dina?
Yes! They were looking for someone who resembled Adam Irigoyen because they really wanted Dina to be the “girl version” of him.

4. We heard that your character, “Dina” was supposed to only be a guest starring role at the time but the public loved you so much that they kept you on. How do you feel about that?

I was thrilled when I found out I booked it when I thought it was just one episode; so when they kept bringing me back, I couldn’t even believe it! It’s been so much fun getting to work on the show, and I feel really lucky. I’m so glad that the audience has responded to my character in a positive way. I have so much fun playing Dina, so it makes me really happy when I hear that people like the character! I’m just so thankful to the fans of the show; it’s been an incredible experience!

5. Would you say your personality and style are similar to Dina’s or different?
There are definitely some similarities as well as differences! Dina’s more of a tomboy, while I’m more of a girly girl. Dina’s also a little more outgoing than I am! But we’re both very loyal to our friends, and have a sarcastic sense of humor. I’d say her style is a bit more tomboyish than mine, but we both love cute graphic tees!

6. What is your favorite type of music and who is your favorite artist right now?
I listen to mostly indie and pop! I like a lot of 80’s music too. Every couple of weeks or so, I always end up finding a song or two that I can’t stop listening to! Right now, it’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” by New Order, and “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette.

7. Do you have any funny stories from the set? Who is your best friend in the cast?
One thing that was really exciting for me was when I found out Maggie Wheeler would be playing my mom. She played Janice (Chandler’s girlfriend) on “Friends” which is one of my all time favorite shows. I watched it all the time growing up, so I couldn’t even believe that I was going to get to work with Maggie Wheeler! I was totally star struck but I tried my best not to show it. One day, she came to my dressing room to run lines with me so we could make sure our accents worked well together. After she left, my mom and I had a mini-freak out and were like “Ahh! Janice was in our dressing room!” Maggie is SO sweet and so much fun to work with. I really hope I get to do another episode with her!
As for the rest of the cast, everyone gets along really well and has been so sweet and welcoming! I knew Kenton from Dallas, so we definitely already had that Texas bond. I probably spend the most time with Adam on set since most of our scenes are together. He’s hilarious and a total blast to work with!

8. Have you been acting for a long time? What other jobs have you had?
I’ve been acting ever since I was 10, but I only started seriously pursuing TV and film when I was about 17. I’ve worked on some commercials and short films, but “Shake it Up!” is the first television show I’ve worked on.

9. Is this your first time on Disney?
Yes, it’s been kind of surreal, actually! I grew up watching Disney and I have so many fond Disney-related memories from my childhood, so to actually be part of a Disney show is pretty much a dream come true! When I found out I’d gotten the part of Dina, I specifically remember telling my mom I felt a little bit like Cinderella! Cinderella has been one of my favorite Disney movies ever since I was little.

10. We hear there is a big milestone coming up for Dina and Deuce. What can we expect to see?
Yes! I think fans will really enjoy the episode “Wrestle it Up!” I think it’s an unexpected twist for Deuce and Dina; it definitely caught me off guard when I first read the script! There will be a new male guest star in it, and he was a lot of fun to work with! His character definitely brought about new sides of Deuce and Dina that we haven’t seen before.

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Interview with Amy Smart and Mark Paul Gosselaar from 12 Dates of Christmas

Posted on 09 Dec 2011 at 10:04pm

What was it about the character of Kate that kind of endeared you to the project?

A. Smart I really liked Kate because first of all, she has such a three-dimensional character.  She’s still hopelessly in love with her ex-boyfriend and wants him back so badly.  She’s stubborn.  She’s work-driven and stubborn.  She just wants what she wants.  She kind of has that tunnel vision and doesn’t see past that.

What I liked about this project is that I liked that Kate has to go through this transformational journey where she is pushed to her limits and has to keep reliving Christmas Eve over and over and over again until she can start to expand her horizons and see that maybe what she thinks she needs is not really what she’s going after.  She’s given this chance to explore other possibilities that are better for her and her life that open her up and humble her.

Which of the Christmas Eves was your favorite to film?

A. Smart I had such a great time working with Mark-Paul.  He’s a wonderful actor and we had fun ice skating and being freezing at night walking down the street, and decorating Christmas trees, and picking them out.  It’s hard to say because I really liked so many different scenes.  I thought it was also fun when my character kept running into her ex-boyfriend and trying to fix—in order to fix her relationship with him so she can win him over and get him in the next night.

Could you describe the movie in your own words?

It’s about this journey of Kate Stanton who is really set in her ways and trying to make her life right and get her ex-boyfriend back.  She journeys and figures out that the way her Type A personality is not actually helping her get what she truly needs in her life.  Through the journey she takes, it allows her to see other people’s perspective and a window into how other people really are.  It’s incredibly humbling and enlightening and fun, and a journey everyone takes where you think you know what you want and then something in your life makes you fall on your … and you can see clearer about what life is really about and what really matters.

What’s one of your favorite Christmas traditions?

I love baking little Mexican wedding ball cookies.  I love cooking during Christmas, all smells like the hot apple cider, the hot spiced wine.

In the movie, your character relives Christmas Eve until she gets it right.  If you could do over any one day in your life, which day would you choose?

A. Smart Wow.  That’s a good question.  It’s funny, because in hindsight, we have so much fear and anxiety about our future, the next day, or what’s happening in our lives.  When you have that 20/20 hindsight that everything was going to be fine, you’re going to be okay, I don’t know of one specific day, but just trusting more in life and your journey.

I know that sounds airy-fairy, but really just knowing if I could go back and know everything was going to be okay in certain circumstances; not to stress out about it.  I think if anything, the best gift we can have is living in the present moment and really enjoying it for what it is; and, not being in our heads and getting sidetracked.

How much of your own personality is reflected in your character of Kate?

A. Smart I think as an actor, you naturally bring a lot of yourself, as much of yourself as you can in different circumstances.  So, I focus more on what the differences are because I’ll inherently bring what I can relate to more so.  I feel like there are definitely parts of Kate that I completely relate to, but not necessarily the parts where she has lost her mom and she’s grieving the loss of that and trying to find someone in her life so she won’t feel alone.

But, there were definitely parallels in my life during this film because I’d gotten out of a long-term relationship and fell in love with a new man who I married.  So, I could relate to her on that place of spending so much time trying to make something work that wasn’t meant to work.

As an actress, is there a particular comic inspiration for your work?  Or, is there a particular actor that you draw influences from; especially in regards to taping this new Christmas classic, 12 Dates of Christmas?

A. Smart Honestly, there are so many wonderful female comediennes that I love.  But, I’m not necessarily trying to copy any one.  I feel like it really has to be an authentic experience yourself as an actor.  So, I really find a lot of humor all over life.  I love more than anything watching people be scared or trip and fall.  I don’t know why, maybe it’s a bad thing.  So, for me, it’s not necessarily that I’m trying to imitate or copy other amazing actors.  But, I just try to have the experience myself.

Is there a particular actor/actress that really makes you laugh out loud?

A. Smart Lucille Ball, who is so incredible and so over the top, but who could just hold that stage in all these funny, ridiculous scenarios.  I think she was such a great woman to really bring comedy to females to start it off.  There are tons of others.  I thought Bridesmaids was such a funny, female driven comedy where all the women that you truly believe; they are such good actors because you really believe that they were living this hilarious journey.

Have you ever been on a date that you wish you could relive?

A. Smart That’s funny—not really.  There’s dates that I would have liked to pass on.

Did you have any issues with mixing up what you say in different scenes because they are so similar?

A. Smart That got really technical because it was the director, myself and the script supervisors really making sure that we, yes it was hard because there were just so many, it was written really well.  So in the story and in the dialog, it’s all mapped out.  But, as far as the attitudes and where she was at emotionally at that point, it was definitely challenging, too, to switch gears so many times.

This is your first married Christmas.  So, I was wondering maybe what you’re looking forward to that going to be different from previous years.

A. Smart I really feel like this year, we had a gorgeous, beautiful wedding.  I’m really looking forward to just enjoying the Christmas spirit, not about being materialistic, just about the celebration of friends and family and cooking and singing and enjoying each other; just using this time to really enjoy our new marriage.  That’s pretty much what I’m looking forward to.

How did you get involved with the movie?

A. Smart I actually got offered this role.  I read the script and I really, really loved it and wanted to do it.  Then, I was so happy that Mark-Paul signed on to do it afterwards because I think he’s so talented.  Everyone’s a huge Zack Morris fan.  So, that’s kind of how I got involved.

Is there something about this character that you admire or a quality that you wish you had?

A. Smart I think that because of the film, it kept opening the character Kate’s eyes to other people.  She was pretty self-absorbed.  Each time she opened herself up more and more to a different character in the film, and their lives, and their stories and how she could maybe make their lives better.

I admire that because I really do think that life is all about balance.  You have to obviously take care of yourself.  But, then it’s so important to give back and find ways of being generous and thoughtful with other people.  I really liked that about her toward the end of the film.

What’s your favorite holiday film?

A. Smart I have a few that I love.  I really like A Christmas Story.

Mark-Paul, what was your favorite part about filming this movie?

M. Gosselaar Well, it was a pleasure working with Amy.  My co-star that I’m currently working with now worked with her and always spoke very highly of her.  Working with her was a pleasure.  So, the reason I came on board with this film was because she was attached to it.  So, for her to follow-through with all the high praise that she’s gotten from so many people that I know was something that I appreciated.  Yes, I think it shows on the film, too, that we enjoyed each other.  We had a great working chemistry.

What has been the best date that you’ve ever had?

M. Gosselaar I don’t know.  I haven’t dated a lot.  I can’t really answer that question, but I would say that the date that my fiancée went on was pretty damn good and that’s why we’re still together now.  Yes.  I would say the date that I had with her.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

M. Gosselaar Usually decorating the tree after Thanksgiving.  We just did that with the kids.  I love the way the house smells during the holidays.  We try to light as many scented Christmas-y candles as possible, the pine cones.  We’ll put on the stove cinnamon and cloves and heat those up.  I like the music, too.  I just like the atmosphere of Christmas.

How do you deal with a bad date?  Have you ever been on a blind date and do you have any advice for people that have gone or will go on blind date or a date and how to deal with it if it turns south?

M. Gosselaar I don’t like confrontation.  I’ve been on a few bad dates, but nothing horrible, but knowing there was no chemistry there.  I have such a hard time letting that person know that this is not going to work, unlike your character in the movie who was very honest and said this isn’t going to happen.

I tend to just put my head into the sand and hope it goes away, which sometimes makes it even worse.  It elongates the issue.  But, I tend to just turn my back and hope that the scary thing goes away.

Amy, how about yourself?

A. Smart I, again, haven’t had as many dates because I’ve been in long term relationships, but I just remember this one date I went on that I had no interest.  So, he was nice.  But, I think it’s worth being kind to the person that you’re on a date with, but also being pretty honest so you don’t lead people on.

If you could portray any Disney character, animal or human, in an upcoming remake what character would it be?

M. Gosselaar Oh, wow.  Amy, you got something off the top of your head while I think about that one?

A. Smart I’m sitting here thinking, you have The Little Mermaid.

Yes, Little Mermaid.  Absolutely.  You could be Ariel.

A. Smart I would be Ariel.  I love her.

M. Gosselaar I’m trying to think.  They’ve done The Jungle Book, right?  They’ve made a remake of that.

Well, if you like Mowgli, you could definitely do that if you wanted to.

M. Gosselaar Yes.  Mowgli—no, Mowgli has his shirt off.  I don’t want to have to work out.  Gosh.  We’ll do The Little Mermaid together.  You can be Ariel.  I don’t even remember what her name was though.

A. Smart You could be Prince Eric.

Ariel and you could be Prince Eric.  How about that?

M. Gosselaar What was it?  It was Eric, really? Wow, look at that.

Can you talk about any other projects you’re currently working on?

A. Smart I actually just finished working on a horror film that the Japanese director Takashi Shimizu directed.  We did The Grudge.  It was with Leslie Bibb and Ryan Kwanten and a bunch of other great actors.  It all takes place in an airplane.  That comes out next August, I think.

Then, I had a re-occurring on the second season of Shameless.  That’s really fun to work on.

Catch 12 Dates of Christmas starring Amy Smart and Mark Paul Gosselaar on ABC Family on December 11, 2011 at 8/7pm c.


Exclusive Interview with Eric Martsolf from Days of Our Lives on NBC

Posted on 06 Jul 2011 at 8:30am

For those of you who know Eric Martsolf, you know he is a talented and passionate soap star.  For those of you who don’t, you definitely will want to.  He is currently playing the role of Brady Black on NBC’s longtime running soap opera, “Days of Our Lives.”  Read about how this former Pennsylvanian has taken L.A. by storm, has a lot of people looking his way, and what makes him such a down to earth type of guy.


Vacation spot – Petoskey, Michgan.  It’s right on the lake, I love water skiing.  Northern Michigan is so great in the summer!

Restaurant – Morton’s Steakhouse.  Nothing beats a dimly lit room, a bottle of red wine, burgundy tables/floors, and of course their chocolate lava cake.

Ice cream flavor – Rocky Road

Website – (joking!) I would have to say TMZ.

Car – Jaguar

Singer – Neil Diamond.  My parents always had Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow CDs playing in the house when I was growing up

Sport to play: Tennis, I have a strong serve. To watch: football

City – Las Vegas definitely

This or That:

Summer or Winter: Summer

Brady or Ethan: Brady.  I had enough of Ethan. I played him for 8 years, he was too vanilla and black and white.  Personally, I’m more of the “gray” guy, not so black and white, more of a risk taker.

Sunglasses or No Sunglasses: I’m definitely a sunglasses guy, have to have my shades.

Disney World or Disneyland: Funny you ask.  We just took the children to Disney World and had a blast! It’s so much bigger than Disneyland.

Reality TV or scripted: Since my living has been in scripted television, I would have to side with them, but I’m not against reality TV.

Early bird or Night owl: Night owl


We see you’re originally from Pennsylvania and we know you actually performed in Hershey Park Pennsylvania. Have you found yourself wanting to be back on the theatrical stage?

I love the theater.  There are no better training grounds for an actor.  Broadway/the theater will always be near and dear to my heart.  One reason to pursue television instead is that you can make a better living with it.  When my wife said we were pregnant with twins, my Broadway dreams were stilled.  I didn’t want to move my children all the way to New York.  You definitely do theater for the love of it, not the money.  It’s actually 95% rejection.  There are so many friends of mine who are extremely talented and out of work.  I am very blessed to have my job.

How did you become interested in singing and dancing?

It’s a funny story.  My school was putting on a production of “Grease.”  I was on the football team in high school and all the cheerleaders were excited and wanted to audition for it.  That is what made all the guys on the team want to try out.  We definitely wanted to do the night rehearsals with the girls, go out for ice cream afterwards, then who knows!  That’s honestly what happened.  I auditioned and was cast as the lead, Danny Zucko.  Thereafter, I auditioned for Hershey Park and started singing with them on a regular basis.  In the fall, I would go to school for law, then fell on acting on the side and stuck with it.
What is the best concert you’ve been to?

When I was up in Northern Michigan, I went to the Def Leppard and White Snake concert.  It was the most memorable concert I’ve been to, the best rock n roll experience.

You’re originally from the east and now live on the west, how would you compare both coasts? What was the biggest change?

L.A. is a quicker pace of life compared to where I was from on the east coast.  I’m really not into just sitting around, I like to be active.  This part of the country definitely agrees with me more.

Did you watch American Idol?

I’m not as into American Idol as I was in the beginning.  I watched the first season and saw Kelly Clarkson take it home.  Since then, I haven’t really kept up with it.  The initial auditions are my favorites to watch though.  Now, the competition is so terrific, there is so much great talent that it makes it so hard to pick a winner.  Some people like to judge and say “oh he’s a better singer, etc etc.”  It’s all opinion based because art is so different.  I definitely feel that Steven Tyler brought an interesting element to this past season though.

Also on Passions, you worked with Galen Gering who played “Luis” and Lindsay Hartley who played “Theresa.” Now you are all reunited on Days of Our Lives. That is pretty unusual for so many castmates to be back together on another show. Do you know how that happened? Is it the same working together on Days as it was on Passions?

Passions was on NBC as well so it was a pretty natural transition.  There is a revolving door with soap operas.  I made sure I showed an interested in participating in another daytime show.  The producers had me come in and I originally auditioned for the role of Rafe.  That didn’t suit me too well though with my light hair and fair skin!  So they actually proposed the renewal of Brady Black.

Would you say you’re pretty computer savvy?

Not at all.  I’m so bad at it.  People should definitely not come to me for any computer / tech advice.  I’m not the person to go to.  My solution would be to turn it off and turn it on again.

Soap operas are all about drama and relationships. Today, so many people go through their own soap operas with relationships, what advice do you give young guys on how to treat girls?

All I know is that I would not like to be dating out there now.  No one is beyond courtesy.  Guys should always treat women like ladies.  Women want to be respected.  I don’t care if she makes more money, is successful, or independent.  Still open the car doors and be a gentleman.  Guys tend to think the grass is greener on the other side and they keep waiting.  I would tell them to just take risks and go for it.

What has been your biggest challenge in working on a soap opera?

The biggest challenge working on a soap would have to be the amount of material we have to learn.  We receive 100 pages worth of script and tape about eight episodes a week.  Sometimes soap/daytime actors get this bad reputation, but we are some of the hardest working actors.  There have been some very established movie actors who come on the set saying they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the pace we do every day.

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Interview with Matthew J. Evans

Posted on 13 Jun 2011 at 3:23pm

Matthew J. Evans is an upcoming actor who will be starring in the highly anticipated film, “Bad Teacher” which will include the likes of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz.  Not only is this young actor great in the movie but he is also a filmmaker.  Learn more about Matthew Evans who will be playing “Garrett Tiara” in this exclusive interview. Continue


Interview with Lucas Grabeel

Posted on 23 May 2011 at 3:57pm


Getting the opportunity to interview Lucas Grabeel was an incredible experience. He was super nice and very easy to talk to. However, before the interview I was so nervous. I wasn’t sure how the interview was going to go and I wanted to make sure I had really good questions to ask Lucas. To top it all off, it was my first interview which made me even more nervous. Luckily for me, as soon as I asked Lucas my first question, all the nerves went away. Lucas was so nice and was really excited about his new tv show “Switched At Birth.” The new series is about two teenage girls who find out that they were switched as newborns in the hospital. The two families then meet and now struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the teenage girls.

1. How does “Switched At Birth” differ from other projects you have done in the past?

This is my first experience working on a TV show on a regular basis. I’ve done guest spots before on television series, but I’ve never been a series regular, so it’s really different in a sense that I kind of have a normal job. You know—Monday through Friday. That’s really cool. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling with shooting other projects and things. So, it’s nice to be home and kind of sleep in my bed at the end of every day.

2. What is a typical day like when shooting the show?

I probably wake up at 5:30 and get there by 6:30—go through hair and makeup and go rehearse the scenes, then shoot them and come home around seven. It’s a pretty great thing. We move very quickly in television so days fly by.

3. How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I like to do a lot of different art stuff – I paint and write music and I play music. I dance and all that kind of stuff so—I guess, I would say I’m adventurous because I like to try everything. I don’t like to say no. I like constructing things and building things and seeing things come to fruition and you know—telling stories.

4. If you could record a song with any artist who would it be?

Oh wow! That’s a good one. Maybe, Jason Mraz. That would be kind of a cool mash up.


Everyone should go check out “Switched At Birth” on ABC Family on Monday June 6th at 9:00 PM ET/PT


Chris Trousdale on his Disney’s “Shake It Up” Experience

Posted on 14 May 2011 at 12:05pm

A short interview with Chris Trousdale, aka Justin Starr about his Disney appearance on the new series “Shake It Up.”

We saw you perform “Not Too Young” on Shake it Up. It’s a great song.

Thank you! I heard the demo and was very excited.  The producers who created “Not Too Young” were beyond cool.  They have worked with Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.  They were awesome to work with.  They really are encouraging me to get back into the studio in January.

We’ve heard so much from your fans about wanting to see more of you on “Shake It Up.”  Are we going to see more of Justin Starr?

I’d love that. I told them if you want to see more of me, they have to let Disney know.  The fans have been so supportive, it’s been great.  I didn’t realize how much they missed me and I really missed them too.

What was it like to tape your episode of “Shake It Up”?  Any fun stories from the set?

There were a lot of fun moments that happened during the taping of that show.  As you know, I haven’t taped a show in a long time and the cast was beyond welcoming.  What was funny was the fact that they changed the script a couple of times and I would say the wrong lines.  The directors would tell me, “Chris, that line isn’t in the script anymore.”

Will “Not Too Young” be available on itunes?

If the fans request for it to be, then it will. “Shake It Up” will also be releasing a new soundtrack to their show so hopefully it will be on there too. I’m pretty sure, I’m praying they will. I can’t wait for the fans to hear the full song, it has some really great parts.

Purchase Chris Trousdale’s song “Not Too Young” from Shake It Up