Kim Kardashian’s Top Beauty Products Under $15

The Kardashians are famous for always having flawless skin, hair, and makeup. Many would think that the always-glowing Kim would spend hundreds of dollars on products to upkeep this title. Think again! There are plenty of products in Kim’s regime that can be picked up from any drugstore for less than $15! If you’ve ever wanted to try out a Kardashian inspired beauty routine, check out a few of these products!

Kim Kardashian Beauty Products, What Makeup does Kim Kardashian Use

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Kim Kardashian Beauty Product Secrets Revealed

Shampoo and Conditioner

In an interview with People magazine this past month, Kim admitted that she loves cheap shampoos and conditioners! Her favorite brand is Finesse because it leaves her hair feeling clean. We never would have guessed that her shiny locks were treated with $4 products!

Makeup Remover

With all of the late-night events that she attends, it is no doubt that Kim must get lazy while taking off her makeup when she gets home. That’s exactly why she loves Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes! These are a quick and easy way to take off your makeup and keep your skin clean for cheap!

Nail Polish

Although she could afford $100 manicures, Kim often opts for a simple OPI polish! Her favorite color to wear on her gel nails is a nude, so she loves “Samoan Sand”. These polishes are only $8 and can be found at the drugstore or you can buy right online at


The Kardashian sisters love to give each other beauty tips! Kim admitted that her sister Khloè showed her Bio Oil. She uses this as a lotion for her skin at night so that when she wakes up her skin is soft and smooth! We love that she chooses this natural product over an expensive face mask!


The Kardashians are the queens of contouring. It’s almost hard to believe that Kim’s favorite bronzer is from her own Kardashian Beauty line! She says it is her favorite product because it has a bunch of shades to choose from, and she uses it for both bronzer and blush. Try this out for a similar glow!

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