What’s In Blair Fowler and Nia Sioux’s Purses? Find Out Inside!

YouTuber Blair Fowler recently collaborated with Dance Moms star Nia Sioux to share a “What’s In Our Bags?” video. The two ladies gave viewers an inside look at what’s in their “condensed” bags, aka: their absolute must-haves. Keep reading below to find out what they are and where you can get them!


Nia and Blair purses

Image courtesy YouTube/JuicyStar07


Both Nia and Blair have small black bags. Nia’s is Chanel and Blair’s is Gucci.

iPhone X and accessories

Both Blair and Nia have the newest iPhone, the iPhone X (10). They both also have cute cases. Nia’s looked like a marbled case, while Blair’s looked to be a light pastel pink. You can get similar cases to theirs from Amazon! Blair also keeps a portable phone charger in her purse – this one from Kohl’s is an exact dupe for her sold-out one from GlitzyGlam.

Air Pods/Headphones

Blair normally keeps her AirPods in her bag, which are wireless earbuds. You can get them from Amazon. Nia has headphones in her purse – also available on Amazon.

Altoids Mints

Nia always keeps some kind of mint in her bag. She loves Altoids – the kind she shows in the video are the original Peppermint, which you can get from Amazon.


Blair keeps her keys together on a keychain. This one from Amazon is similar to her GlitzyGlam one which is no longer made.


Nia keeps a mini wallet (key pouch) with her key attached. Hers is from Louis Vuitton. Blair doesn’t actually keep a wallet in her purse – but keeps the essentials (cash, iD, cards) with her at all times.

Eyebrow/Eyelash Spoolie Wand

Nia and Blair eye brow spoolie

Image courtesy YouTube/JuicyStar07


Nia keeps one of these in her bag because her eyebrows “always get messed up a lot.” You can hers from ELF.

Mooshwalk Socks

Blair keeps this unique item in her bag to store things inside of. She says in the video that this is “something [I’ve] always done” and that if you go back to her first bag video, you’ll see she uses socks as storage there too!  Get yourself a pair from Amazon.

Lip Products

Nia and Blair Beauty Products

Image courtesy YouTube/JuicyStar07


Nia keeps lip gloss (Buxom is a favorite of hers) in her bag with her, while Blair has a few different lip products she keeps. Blair’s current stash consists of: Too Faced’s Melted Liquid Lipstick in “Chihuahua”, Milani’s Lipliner Pencil in “03 Nude” and Sara Happ’s “Lip Slip” lip balm (all available on Amazon).


Nia loves Prada Candy rollerball perfume, while Blair’s favorite right now is Matcha. You can get Nia’s from Amazon and Blair’s from Urban Outfitters.

Other Beauty Products

Blair always keeps Matcha hand cream (available at Urban Outfitters) in her purse, along with Eyeko’s Liquid Liner Pen and Cle De Peau Concealer (both from Amazon).


Both Nia and Blair keep extra hair ties and bobby pins in their bags. Blair has mini Advil tablets in her purse and a couple extra contacts. Nia keeps any gift cards or iDs with her too. All are available on Amazon.

Check out their full collab video on Blair’s channel below!

Be sure to check out both of their channels for more fun videos  – there’s a makeup video on Nia’s channel!

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