What Polaroid Camera Does Jess & Gabe Conte Use?

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Those cute polaroid photos are so in!  Popular vloggers, Jess & Gabe Conte have been seen using the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera (in White) in a few of their Vlogs. 

Jess & Gabriel Polaroid Camera

It is seen in their “Getting Ready For Our Honeymoon + MTV Awards” Vlog where Jess is gathering her items to pack and has the camera & Fujifilm INSTAX Mini Instant Film Twin Pack on the bed.  

Jess & Gabe Polaroid Camera Instapix

Jess Conte packing her Polaroid Camera and Instapix for their Honeymoon Credit: Jess Conte YouTube


{Other Items that Jess Packed seen in the above photo}


The Instapix Camera is seen here as Jess, Gabe, and of course Milo take a group family photo on the Back from Honeymoon + Fan Mail Vlog!

Jess and Gabe Conte polaroid camera

Jess & Gabriel snap a family shot with the Fujifilm Instapix Mini | Credit: Jess & Gabriel YouTube


Jess & Gabriel Conte with Milo

Gabe uses a toy to catch Milo’s attention – so cute! | Credit: Jess & Gabriel YouTube


The Fujifilm Instapix Mini camera comes in lots of cool colors!   You can get these right on Amazon.com.  Click the images below.

Instapix Mini Camera in White

Instapix Mini Camera in White (the color Jess & Gabe have!)


Instapix Mini Camera in Ice Blue

Instapix Mini Camera in Ice Blue


Instapix Mini Camera in Flamingo Pink

Instapix Mini Camera in Flamingo Pink


Instapix Mini Camera in Cobalt Blue

Instapix Mini Camera in Cobalt Blue


Instapix Mini Camera in Lime

Instapix Mini Camera in Lime


Pretty cool, right?  Oh and the pictures come out great.  Take a look!

Jess and Gabriel polaroid picture

Jess and Gabriel polaroid pictures in journal

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