Top 5 School Apps for a Successful Year

School Apps You Need for The Best School Year Yet!

School Apps

When it comes time to study, we all know how hard it is to put our phone and other distractions away and whip out our textbooks and notes. But what if there was a way to stay on your phone AND study? That’s right, there are plenty of apps out there ready for you to download where you can organize your notes, study for assessments, and test your knowledge! Here are the top five apps that I found that may be essential to you for a successful school year!

1. myHomework Student Planner by Rodrigo Neri

This student app is basically a hand-held electronic version of a planner that is essential for time management. Without needing network connectivity, this simple and FREE app allows you to track your classes, homework, tests and assignments all on a calendar display. myHomework supports all scheduling types as well, whether it is time, block, or period based, so there is no hassle with organizing your classes and workload. One of the best features of this app is the ability to download and sync your teacher’s profile, where you can be the first to know about class assignments, information, and announcements. No matter what grade you are in, this is definitely something to check out!


2. Khan Academy

Whether you need to cram in a session of math, science, humanities or finance, you will definitely find a lesson explaining it on Khan Academy. This is the app where you can learn basically anything in the world for free. With over 4,200 videos and articles ranging from age groups K-12, Kahn Academy is sure to have you leave the app with more knowledge than you learned in school that day. You can also track your progress, see your achievements, and download any of the videos you watch so you can have them saved for future reference. This app undoubtedly has more resources and materials available than you could ever find in a classroom setting!



This school year, it may be in your best interest to download an app that can give you both study tools AND materials. In the app STUDYBLUE, you can create your own study sets, use study guides already created from millions of other students, access high quality notes, and then quiz yourself and get results within seconds! This FREE app is being used by millions of students already, and is said to save time, help get better grades, and lower your stress levels. You can have your paper-less study materials on the go with you wherever you are, and can test your progress to make sure you are ready to ace your next test. See what all the hype is about and download STUDYBLUE!


4. King of Math

Have you ever thought of math being fun or entertaining? No? Well, with the app King of Math, you can make is as fun and engaging as any of your social media apps! This fast-paced mathematics game has you begin as either a male or female character, and as you answer more math-related questions you can move up and unlock different customizations and music for each level. You can even challenge your friends and make some friendly competition and see who can collect the most stars, points and achievements. With categories such as addition, division, statistics, geometry and algebra, you are sure to find a subject to improve your skills on and have fun doing it!


5. Evernote

It is no secret that during the school year it is hard to keep track of both your school work and any other activity or job that conflicts with your schedule. This is where Evernote can help! Not only is this app great for keeping your school notes together, it is also a fantastic workplace that includes to do lists, reminders, file sharing, business card scans, and photo organization! Evernote has everything you will need for school and business in one free, easy-to-use place, and you also have the option of transferring information between your own devices, or friends or colleagues with the app! If you need assistance in organizing both schoolwork and your workplace’s assignments, this might be the app for you!


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