Top 3 Performances from the 2013 MTV VMA’s

MTV Video Music Awards

Finally, the VMAs have come and gone. Having awaited impatiently for this annual fanfare, I am glad to report that it successfully fulfilled all of my expectations. In a place where more is more, the “shock factor” isn’t so shocking after all, and outrageous is an adjective called for at all times, the VMAs are, well, simply put, a world parallel to ours. Gone is the commonplace routine of us “regular people”. It is replaced by a jaded indifference and at times, this aloofness (mostly for show) is erased by scandalous and trend-worthy performances by the likes of Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake. To get right to the point, let’s skip ahead to the Top 3 Performances of the 2013 Brooklyn VMAs.


1. Justin Timberlake

Alright, alright, I may be biased here (only because of my belief that JT is the greatest male pop artist alive) but I truly think that anyone who has witnessed his 20-minute long (or so it seemed to Kevin Hart and I) performance will agree with me here. JT pulled out all the stops for his big night. In readying himself for the acceptance of his Video Vanguard Award, he called up Joey Fatone and company from N’Sync and performed all his greatest hits. An extremely sexy “Sexy Back” quickly turned into “Cry Me A River” which turned into “Seniorita” and “Suit & Tie” and so on. Halfway through his performance, the guys from N’Sync joined him onstage for a rapid dance number that included their most popular hit “Bye Bye Bye” and to the glee of many (Taylor Swift included) the boy band of the 90s was once again. I don’t know how JT did it – with all that singing and fast-paced dancing – but he surely brought sexy back.


2. Lady Gaga

Did anyone see Rihanna, Drake, Will Smith, and just about every celebrity out there’s facial expression after Lady G’s performance? When you’ve impressed the biggest musicians in the world, you know you’ve really made it. Not that Lady Gaga isn’t one of the most influential people of the decade, but seriously, how does she always one-up herself year after year? You’ve really gotta have that “it factor” to be able to pull off something of that caliber. I mean, wow, just oh-my-freaking-wow. While performing her latest single “Applause”, she was able to change into a gazillion outfits and wigs, all the while keeping up with her back-up dancers and hitting the notes just right. And to finish off a breathtaking opening number, she changed into a mermaid outfit. Well, mermaid outfit minus the awkward tail. Dressed in a skimpy seashell bra and a white thong, she just about sent the Barclays Center spinning.


3. Katy Perry

Hello? Anyone who performs an insane number on the BROOKLYN BRIDGE of all places deserves to be on this list. With a Manhattan-by-night backdrop in the distance and an “Eye of The Tiger”-inspired (or shall we say “Roar”?) boxing ring, Katy Perry outdid herself yet again. Dressed down in boxing gear and two braids, our favorite California gurl made Brooklyn danced and move and most importantly, roar.


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