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The Raymies

What We Like About The Raymies
Exclusive Interview :: The Raymies

They’ve shared the stage with a legendary band, been discovered by John Stamos, had a guest spot on “According to Jim” with star Jim Belushi, and they’re only in their teens! Find out all about this new all girl band from Southern California, learn about their awesome styles, special moments in their music careers so far, and what they thought of the 2009 NAMM festival. Read it now!



Beach Boys song
Rachel – God Only Knows! It’s such an amazing song.
Justine – Be True to Your School
Madi – In My Room
Kalina – Good Vibrations
Kiana – Good Vibrations

Thing about California
Rachel – It has lots of opportunities for musicians and artists.
Justine – I like living right next to the beach and Disneyland.
Madi – I am in love with the beach and the sun.
Kalina – The beach, the weather, everything.
Kiana – Everything. I love the beach.

School subject
Rachel – Art or psychology. I also like math and numbers.
Justine – Advanced Drama
Madi – P.E. I love sports.
Kalina – English
Kiana – I love Social Studies and learning about American history.

Television show
Rachel – Flight of the Conchords and Three’s Company
Justine – Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place
Madi – What I like about you. I love a good laugh.
Kalina – The Wonder Years and The Office
Kiana – Sonny with a Chance, Hannah Montana and The Office


Who is the…

We all voted and here were our results.
Fastest texter– 1st place Madi, 2nd place Kalina
Most addicted to the computer – Justine
Most talkative – 1st place Kiana, 2nd place Madi
Most star struck– Tie between Rachel (gets nervous) and Kiana (gets excited)
Biggest shopper– Kiana


FTV: When did you all begin playing your instruments?
Rachel – I started when I was an11 year old. So that was about 5 years ago. And the band was formed about 2 years ago.
Justine – I took piano lessons for about two years, but switched to the bass the day before I tried out for the band.
Madi – I began playing drums about 4 years ago (I think).
Kalina – I have been singing since I could talk and started playing the piano about 5 years ago.
Kiana – I starting singing and entertaining as soon as I could talk. I have also been taking guitar lessons for a year now and I love it.


FTV: You have quite a busy schedule with school and performing/recording. Are you home schooled?
Rachel – No! I wish! School is such a drag for me because I feel like I never have enough time to just rock out and jam

The Raymies

The Raymies

for hours on end like I do over the summer! But I guess there are some benefits of going to high school other than learning loads of stuff. I do like having a social life and all that.
Justine – If I start missing too much school, then I will start being home schooled. But right now, I really enjoy going to school and seeing my friend’s everyday.
Madi – No. School is good for me and I have awesome friends, boys and girls.
Kalina – I just started home schooling. It’s really nice to have more time to work on our music.
Kiana – Yes. It’s an online school called connections academy. Home schooling has allowed me to spend more time with music and soccer.


FTV: You girls all have a lot of great energy and such cute vibrant styles. Where do you like to shop?
Rachel – Goodwill and a store called Buffalo Exchange! Hahaha! They are probably my favorite stores because they’re so cheap and they have random awesome retro clothes you can’t get anywhere else. And I just love dressing different from the mainstream style.
Justine – There is a local store called Cherry’s that has fun and different styles. And Tilly’s has a lot of cool beachwear to choose from. I like what I wear to be comfortable.
Madi – I shop in my mom’s closet. Just kidding. Anywhere is good.
Kalina – Anywhere with bright colors and I love thrift stores.
Kiana – Well I love shopping anywhere that’s cool with bright colors. My favorite stores include Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and Pac Sun.


FTV: At such a young age and just embarking on your music career, you all have already had a lot of special moments. Which one has been the most exciting so far?
Rachel – Meeting Brian Wilson was pretty amazing, because he’s so legendary and has done so many great things in his life.
Justine – The most exciting by far was when our band played “The Glitter Pops” in an episode on the According to Jim show. Meeting Jim Belushi and the rest of the cast was so cool and they made us feel really special.
Madi –NAMM!! Both times have been an amazing experience. In addition to performing, I love meeting other musicians and seeing all the newest music equipment.
Kalina – Probably recording some demos in Nashville. It was a great experience and we were in the coolest studio called the Tracking Room.
Kiana – Definitely recording in Nashville and doing our most recent gig in New York. New York was amazing and we are looking forward to a what the rest of the year brings.


FTV: Any fun stories or fun memories you have from meeting the Beach Boys?
– It was fun watching the crowd hit beach balls up on stage and Mike Love would hit them back.
Justine – While we were waiting to go up and sing, we got to wait and watch from the side of the stage. And John Cowsill and John Stamos were both on drums and would wave at us. I love them!
Madi – Well we were all like “this is so unreal”.
Kalina – I just remember looking out over the crowd, and everyone was waving their cell phones in the air. The Beach Boys are amazing and put on a very fun show.
Kiana – Well, like 2 years ago, I went to a party and gave Mike Love a birthday card. He’s really nice.

Raymies on stage with John Stamos and the Beach Boys

Raymies on stage with John Stamos and the Beach Boys




FTV: We think it’s awesome that as young girls you’re bringing about a “retro – flavor” to your music with a cover like “What I Like About You.” Do you plan to keep this theme even with the newly produced songs for your album?

Rachel – Yeah, probably. But we also have a rockabilly song and a few surf-ish songs, so we definitely have an interesting variety.
Justine – We love the retro feel in our music and will always keep that going. It’s what makes us different from other young bands out there.
Madi – We will definitely keep our originals and sound, but we will probably try new things too.
Kalina – Yes. All our originals are kinda retro sounding and that’s really a style that we go for in our music.
Kiana – For sure! We plan to keep it.


FTV: We see you’ve performed at the Namm convention show. How did you become a part of that? Any differences from the one in 2008 to the one in 2009?

Rachel – Daisyrock guitars invited us to perform both times which was really cool! Since last year at NAMM, we’ve grown SO much as musicians and as a band. There’s a noticeable difference and we have really progressed.
Justine – We had a lot more originals to perform this year and that made it fun. Daisy Rock always treats us good and I love my bass! But 2008 was special because we got to see Taylor Swift front row.
Madi –Yes, a huge difference. We are so much more dynamically better and we are a tighter band.
Kalina – We improved a lot from 2008 to 2009. We also had a great sound guy who made it a better performance for us this year.
Kiana – 2009 was better because I wasn’t as nervous and we had improved as a band. The best thing about the NAMM show is meeting so many people who love music.


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