[Sneak Peek] Catfish: The TV Show Season 6 All New Tonight – May 3rd!


Catfish Dylan and Ally

Nev and Max with a young man, Dylan on the May 3rd episode of Catfish on MTV


Catfish: The TV Show is back on MTV tonight with an all new episode.  This time they follow a young man named Dylan on the search for his online love, Ally.  Dylan virtually met Ally on Facebook and quickly fell for her in eight short months.  

One day, Dylan received an anonymous text message saying Ally wasn’t who she says she was.  What’s really going on?  Nev and Max are on the case.  

[VIDEO] Watch a sneak peek of tonight’s Catfish episode below:


Catch the Dylan and Ally on an episode of Catfish on MTV tonight at 8pm EST.

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