Siesta Key Season Finale Recap: Monday, October 2, 2017 – Juliette’s Midsummer Dream

The cast came to terms with some tough truths on the season finale of Siesta Key. First up? Alex telling Madisson that him and Kelsey have nothing in common. Ouch. Next, Juliette and her friends talked about her date(s) with Garrett. She admitted that while she originally started to pursue him out of spite, her feelings have changed. She really likes him and it seems like things may go in her favor. But like she said: you never really know how the summer is going to end — or who will end up with who.

Chloe met up with Paul and they had a heart to heart, where Paul dropped a heartwrenching confession of how he’s been coping with his parent’s deaths. And Alex dropped a major bombshell: he thinks the only one he could ever settle down with is Madisson. The only hitch? She’s moved on (remember Brandon, Alex?!) – and they’ve been going strong for this second half of the season, so don’t screw it up Alex.

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The one thing Alex can do well? Throw a party. And 4th of July proved to be the perfect occasion for a rocking bash. There were plenty of drinks, and tons of drama. Kelsey thought she and Garrett would be normal around each other, but she couldn’t handle it. And when they did talk? You could cut that tension with a knife. Talk about jealousy. At least they agreed to wait to talk so they didn’t ruin the holiday for everyone else.


One person’s holiday that was crushed? Chloe’s, when Paul made another rude comment about her body. It is not okay; I honestly wish that Paul could understand that and change his behavior permanently. At least Alex stood up for Chloe this time, saying he was tired of Paul’s jokes. He’s right: it’s time for it to end. Chloe deserves better.

Perhaps the biggest bombshell of the night was when Alex told Kelsey they were better off as friends. Wow. And after all she sacrificed, I don’t know if it was worth it. But then again, I’m not in her shoes, so maybe a fling was just what they both needed for the summer. Seems like Alex had alterior motives though: he’s been talking to Madisson and it looks like the beginning of the season all over again. Time to grow up? I’ll believe it when I see it, Alex. I don’t think Madisson’s buying it either.

As far as other relationships go? Juliette told Garrett how she felt, and he gave her a fair answer of “he needs time and space.” Brandon made Madisson a mix tape, and she finally came clean about what Alex said. They finally admitted their true feelings and looks like they’ll survive the summer after all. Yay for #Bradisson!

Big News for Siesta Key Fans!

And good news for all Siesta Key fans: that time will be soon! The show has been renewed for an additional eight episodes for “Season 2”, or as Deadline puts it, “will bring the freshman cycle to 18 episodes.” The episodes are slated for a Winter 2018 premiere. Cheers to more sunny days in Siesta Key! Thanks MTV!

See What the Cast is Saying..

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