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Savannah Outen

Savannah Outen

Savvy Sweetness with an Edge
Exclusive interview with Savannah Outen

You’ve probably seen her singing on Youtube with thousands of views! Well so did the execs at Radio Disney. Now this savvy sweety is ready to take her music to the next level by working with veteran music producers. Her new single, “If You Only Knew” is now out on the market and you can also find her as one of the faces of the newest Radio Disney CD. Who is this girl? Where did she come from and where is she going? Find out now!


You’re from Oregon, not too far from California. Do you go there often and what’s your favorite part of Ca?
I go to California pretty often. My parents and I are thinking about moving there soon so I am excited about that. I love California, especially the weather. My favorite part of California is the Hollywood area. I love Glendale as well.

Youtube has given lots of artists a voice. What made you decide to put your videos on there? Did someone encourage you to do it?
Well, I wanted to create a fan base and get people familiar with who I am. So, my parents found out about youtube and they decided to shoot a video of my singing listen by beyonce. Then they posted it and everything went from there. A lot of people started watching the videos and asking for me to post more, so then I posted videos from my school talent show and me singing the star spangled banner.

At the age of 16, you already have your first music video. How long did it take to shoot, any fun stories from the set?
Shooting my first music video was so much fun. I absolutely love watching music videos, so to make my own was a dream come true! It took a whole entire day. We went from early morning to late at night. It was such a great experience. This isn’t really funny, but I had a boyfriend in the video and in the ten minutes I met him, I had to hold hands with him. It was just awkward!

You list a lot of great musical influences in your life such as Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and Kelly Clarkson. Have you gotten a chance to see them in concert or meet any?
I have been to every single one of my musical influences concerts. My favorite thing to do is go to concerts. I have the best time. Justin puts on an amazing show. He is so talented. I was actually in the second row at the Christina/Justin concert. That show was so much fun.

Have you made your way out to the east coast yet? If so, how would you compare the east to the west?
Yes, most of the tour with Nat and Alex was in the east coast. I love the east coast. One of my favorite places in the

Savannah Outen

Savannah Outen

 world is New York. It has such a great vibe. I love the shopping, the people, the weather. And I also love Chicago. It’s like a cleaner version of New York. I love wearing cool coats and I can definitely wear them in New York and Chicago.

We see you have a SayNow number. That has become very popular. How often do you call your fans back and any particularly interesting messages you’ve received recently?
I think that SayNow is so cool. I always love to communicate with my fans, but now I can actually talk to them on the phone. I try and call a few people every day. My favorite part is hearing there reactions. It always puts a smile on my face, because I know how they feel. If Justin Timberlake or Celine Dion called me, I would be so excited I wouldn’t know what to do!

You cover David Archuleta’s “Crush.” Are you a fan of American Idol? If you weren’t part of a label already and tried out for AI, what would you sing for the judges?
I am a huge fan of American Idol but I promised myself that I wouldn’t watch this season because I will get hooked. I made that promise to myself last year though, and it didn’t work. I try and wait to watch it until the top 10. If I weren’t part of a label, I would sing “Listen” by Beyonce for the auditions because it is such a powerful song.

What upcoming performances/meet & greets do you have scheduled?
I am going to the Kids Choice Awards on March 28th. I am SO stoked because it’s going to be my first awards show. Then I have to take a red eye flight that night to do a show with Drew Seeley in New York. Then I have another show on March 8th in Indiana at the Women’s Basketball Championship so that will be fun.

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