Saget, Stamos and Coulier Spoof Their Full House Roles in Hilarious Late Night Skit



This week, Full House fans were in for yet another treat on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, this time in the form of a mini cast reunion.  On Wednesday night, Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier reprised their eight-year-long roles as Danny Tanner, Jesse Katsopolis, and Joey Gladstone from the popular late-80s/early-90s sitcom. The actors opened Late Night with a five-minute skit that quickly became extremely familiar to former Full House diehards.

The premise was simple: Danny Tanner (Saget) entered what appeared to be a true replica of Michelle Tanner’s bedroom to respond to frantic cries brought on by a nightmare. What the audience found in the pencil-framed bed was not an Olsen twin, but Jimmy Fallon dressed in red flannel pajamas, complete with motorcycles on them and “sappy, heartwarming” music in the background. Jimmy explains to Danny that he is scared and sad about leaving Late Night (for The Tonight Show). Stamos and Coulier subsequently enter and greet him, still dressed for the 90s and sporting their original Full House hairstyles with the help of some rather goofy wigs.

Each of the “dads” takes a turn attempting to comfort Jimmy and asserting their confidence in his ability to take over The Tonight Show while also re-enacting some of their famous taglines, talents and mannerisms. We are treated to a “Have Mercy!” from Stamos, as well as a few of Coulier’s renowned impressions.

To end off the already hilarious skit, the men decide that a song is always the best way to cheer someone up, and little Jimmy requests “Teddy Bear,” the song that the trio previously sang to get Michelle off to bed.

Though Full House may have ended almost two decades ago, Saget, Stamos, and Coulier seemed to have picked up their roles again as if no time had elapsed. Their characters’ unique personality traits were still as evident as ever and the deliveries of their famous taglines were flawless. However, because the skit poked fun at the rather “soft” nature of Full House, the actors also had to exaggerate their original characters, making a sort of parody of them.  In my opinion, this was done very tastefully. The humor used was not crude or too demeaning of the sitcom, and the skit was genuinely funny. The occasional smirk and brief snickering during the delivering of lines signified that the actors were sincerely enjoying themselves. For 20-somethings like myself who grew up absolutely adoring the show, it added that much more of a nostalgic feeling to the reunion.

This gem of a Full House reunion wasn’t random though – the men appeared on Good Morning America and other talk shows early Wednesday morning to plug their upcoming commercial for Dannon Oikos – the Greek yogurt that Stamos is currently a spokesperson for – which is set to air during the Super Bowl Sunday, February 2nd.

As for Jimmy Fallon, he has been chosen to succeed Jay Leno as the host of The Tonight Show, beginning February 17th on NBC. Saturday Night Live favorite Seth Meyers is set to take Fallon’s spot at Late Night beginning sometime later this month.

Watch the video on YouTube:

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