Rebecca Rudolf Interview

Rebecca Rudolf

Rebecca Rudolf

Exclusive: Rebecca Rudolf Interview

Meet this sweet girl from Pennsylvania. With roots also planted in New York she is ready to tear up the stage with her edgy pop/rock sound. So how did this young talented girl’s sound become from and center? Well perhaps the connection to Britney Spears had something to do with it. How was she connected to Britney, how does her faith play a big part in her music, and why is this singer not into the whole “American Idol” audition fiasco? Well we have those answers and so much more. Dive on into knowing this edgy pop singer with a very deep side.


Restaurant: I have so many favorites! But I would have to say Roy’s in Naples, FL and the Teriyaki House in Boston, MA would have to be at the top of my list!
Ringtone: It changes with my mood!! My ringer conveys my emotions for that week. Right now it’s “Damaged” by Danity Kane
Place to go to relax: Any Ritz-Carlton beachfront resort!!
Song on your ipod or mp3: I have a lot of favorites but I would have to
say any song by Rihanna
Makeup brand: MAC and Smashbox

This or That

Pop music or R&B – both
Plays or musicals – musicals
Myspace or facebook – both
pizza or hot dogs – hot dogs
newspaper or magazines – magazines



FTV: Please tell us a little bit about yourself. Do you have any siblings,where are you from originally and where are you located now?
Rebecca: I am an only child originally from Bucks County, PA. I actually am still from Bucks County, PA, after a brief time living away from home in NY for school. I’ve had a pretty normal childhood, except that I was always in the performing arts, so I was constantly rehearsing for a show or performing in one – which took up a lot of my time growing up! But because I enjoy performing so
much I never saw it as a sacrifice.

FTV: In your biography it says that your music gives the “powerful message of strength, identity, dignity, and empowerment.” How would you explain that? Are there specific examples of your music to portray this or is it an overall feeling?
Rebecca: I see my music as something more than just entertainment (although it is very entertaining!). I see it as a way to impact people positively and inspire them to look for something more in their lives. I like my lyrics to address different life issues that we all go through (including myself) and offer a way to deal with them by looking to God for the answers. And in so doing, I believe people can find the strength and empowerment they need to face anything in life. Through my music I want people to find their identity not in what society says they should find it in (looks, money, career, etc.), but in who they are as a person on the inside and in knowing they are loved by God.

Rebecca Rudolf

Rebecca Rudolf

 Understanding this can give us a sense of dignity that will help us feel better about ourselves which can impact us in relationships and in the rest of our lives. My music gives this feeling overall, but the lyrics of each of my songs talk specifics. The challenge in all of this for me, is being able to mention God as a pop artist in the mainstream music industry without being labeled as a religious artist. The message behind my music transcends all cultures and religions and can apply to anyone in any lifestyle.

FTV: We see you went to the Purchase College Conservatory of Dance. How did you like that experience and how long have you been dancing?
Rebecca: I’ve been dancing, singing, and acting since I was 4 years old. It’s always been a passion of mine. And I’m so excited to be able to do what I love as my career. My experience at Purchase College was definitely intense and strenuous. It’s a very demanding program and totally consumes your life for 4 years. But if you make it out alive (LOL) and actually graduate, you emerge highly skilled in dance performance and choreography.

FTV: Do you dance in your live shows and will that be a prominent part of your concerts in the future?
Rebecca: YES! YES! YES! to all of the above! I want my concerts to have a lot of entertaining dancing and singing. I want to put those 4 years of hard work at school to good use! LOL. I want to bring to my concerts some really diverse dance and choreography that is different from what you would normally see in a pop/rock concert. I think people will have a lot of fun with it since dance has become so popular! As a new artist, now, I don’t always have an opportunity to dance at every venue because of space limitations. But you can be sure if I have the space, I DANCE!!

FTV: Are you a fan of American Idol? Did you ever try out or would you try out? Why or why not?

Rebecca: I’ve never really followed the show, but am definitely a fan of some of the artists that have started careers because of it. I have never auditioned for the show because I don’t like the idea of camping out on a sidewalk with 20,000 other people for two days before registration opens.I’ve never been much of a camper. LOL.

FTV: What is your idea of a really fun day off?
Rebecca: A good day off for me would start out by SLEEPING IN! LOL. Then doing anything fun with my friends or family like watching movies, going shopping, miniature golfing or bowling, or going on a trip somewhere like to the beach! Oh, it would also have to include good food. I love my food and going out to eat to try all different types of cuisine.

FTV: What would you say are the influences that keep you most grounded and keep you going in the music industry?
Rebecca: My family and my relationship with God really keep me down to earth.

FTV: Does music run in your family?
Rebecca: NO. NO ONE in my family can sing except for me, and don’t ask any one of them to sing or you’ll be sorry!!! Hahaha….

FTV: We read about some news that gave your music and name a good amount of publicity where people mistook your song for a new Britney Spears’ single. How did that happen and what do you take from the event?
Rebecca: Originally, I didn’t know what happened with that, except that one day I went on my website and myspace and saw tens of thousands of plays and e-mails from people from all over the world going crazy for my music. My fans alerted me that someone posted “Something More,” and put special effects on it to make it sound more like Britney’s voice and posted it on youtube as her leaked new hit single of 2008. It became a huge deal overnight. Britney’s fans went wild for “Something More”….they LOVED it. It showed up on all of her fansites and numerous youtube videos were made with the song. Eventually someone did leak it out that it wasn’t Britney, but Rebecca Rudolf. That’s when many people started coming to my sites which created fans all over the world for me. We were eventually able to track down the guy who started all this who said it was a practical joke and had no idea it would blow up into such a big thing. This event turned into mostly a positive thing for me. The controversy is still going on with thousands of people checking out the youtube videos every day. But even though there are many people who still don’t know that I’m the REAL artist behind the song, many people do know, and they love my music and became fans of mine anyway. So a lot of positive has come out of this, and I’m grateful for that. What I’ve learned from this event is that the Internet can have a very strong impact on your career.

FTV: Which concerts have you been to that you really enjoyed, and why?
Rebecca: I really enjoy Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce’s, etc. performances. They’re so very talented! They have amazing voices, great songs, and awesome choreographic productions…at least the ones I’ve seen.

FTV: What would you like your current fans and new listeners to know about you, what message do you have for them?
Rebecca: I want them to know that they’re going to get music from me that’s very different, inspirational, original, and exciting. I want them to know I care about each one of them individually as a person and not just as a fan. And I hope my music will have a meaningful impact on their lives. I want to them to know that there truly is “Something More” to life!

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