Push Play’s CD Release

The State of the Push Play Address

The CD Release that took place in New York City at Irving Plaza was packed with screaming fans wall to cjcdreleasewall.  Many of the fans had the fun opportunity to also celebrate Nick Deturris’s birthday as it happened to fall on the exact same night.  The whole group sang to him after a few of their songs in their concert.  Do you want to see some videos from that night in December of 2007 in NYC?  You can watch them below.


      Let’s keep going, the CD Release was a huge success and they just keep moving along right into 2008.  With concerts all over the metro area, they’re catching the eyes of producers, magazines, and the media.  They just finished up playing for Z100’s huge bash Zootopia, a concert that brought along the likes of Jesse McCartney, Sara Bareilles (“Love Song”), Danity Kane, Gavin DeGraw, Donnie Klang (Making the Band 4), and New Kids on the Block.  That’s not all, this band isn’t just playing regular concerts, they’re also taking part in many charity events.  Some have included the “MS Walk” and “One Is Greater Than None,” both wonderful charities to support.  What’s next for Push Play?  With a Myspace that is constantly stevecjcdreleasehopping and comments that just don’t stop (that’s what you get when you have such wonderful dedicated fans), Push Play is heading for more and more popularity.  The summer of 2008 holds even more for CJ, Derek, Nick, and Steve as they grace the stages throughout New York and New Jersey, even traveling down to Orlando, Florida.  Watch out for these guys, and definitely check them out if they’re in concert near you.  You’ll love meeting them.



Singing Happy Birthday to Nick


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