Jess & Gabriel’s YouTube Car Song – Identified!

Jess and Gabriel sing in the car

Jess and Gabriel Conte, best known for their fun YouTube vlogs, also love to sing. They’re always rocking out to cool music in their car or at their house, and viewers come along for the ride as they record it! Recently, the duo has been obsessed with the 1975, especially the track “The Sound.” They even reenacted the popular scene! Check out the two videos below to see their musical abilities in action! (Please note: This post contains affiliate links.)

Get “The Sound” by 1975 on Amazon!

Get “The Sound” by 1975 on iTunes!

The music bit starts at the beginning of the video above. 

The second music bit starts at minute 7:31 in the video above. 


The Sound by 1975 on iTunes

The couple also released an EP earlier this year and recently released another! They include tons of cover songs.  Jess & Gabe’s self proclaimed favorite off of their new EP is called, “The Pressure” originally by Ryan Corn.   Be sure to go to their website to purchase or find out more info!

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