Inside ‘Famous in Love’ Actor, Shawn Christian’s Workout – Exclusive

Shawn Christian from Famous in Love knows a thing or two about looking and feeling good. The star keeps himself in tip top shape through various workouts. He shared some of his tips with us below!

What’s your fitness routine like?
I have my variety of routines I go through to stay fit.  I try not to do repetition with workouts.  Whether it’s a hike or really go hard and crazy lifting weights, I like a variety.  I like pushing my body out of its comfort zone.  Basketball is another place for me to lose myself, it’s my drug of choice.  I take a big ‘ol hit of basketball.  It’s a natural high.  I try to play a couple times a week.  I play with some guys in their 20s who challenge me.  I have my good and bad days!
What is your go-to song while working out?
I go back and forth on songs and moods.  There’s a song “Remember the Name” by Fort Minor that says 10% luck, 20% skill and there’s this whole rap part that gets me going.  Power by Kanye West is another one.  There will be times I get into some of that angry hip hop to get through some hard workouts.  Then you put on Bieber some days and you’re feeling good with Ariana Grande, loving life.  You start moving with it.
If I’m playing country, I’m clearly working some things out.  Maybe I’m doing brick work or landscaping, it’s good for certain projects where I have my work gloves on.


Shawn Christian Workout

It’s Time for a Special Treat!

Sounds like Shawn knows how to have fun while working out! Something else he’s good at? Giving back to fans!  There will be a special autographed photo giveaway coming up soon – so be sure to stay tuned for details!

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