‘Full House’ Behind the Scenes Stories From the Cast


Full House, pirate episode, yours mine and ours

The gang out for a “Tanner Family Fun Night” in the pirate restaurant.


The ‘Fuller House’ cast was on Hallmark Channel’s ‘Home & Family’ and shared some fun behind the scenes stories. 

1. Jodie’s Three’s Company

Jodie Sweetin who plays ‘Stephanie’ pointed out something in an episode of the original ‘Full House’ that most viewers did not know.  She revealed that three of her cousins from Iowa appeared sitting at the table behind hers in the episode, “Yours, Mine and Ours.”  You might remember this episode as the one where the Tanners went out for a family fun night at a pirate  themed restaurant.  The other patrons in the restaurant were workers from the Full House set.  

Full House Cast

A promo shot of the original ‘Full House.’ Source: JohnStamos.net


2. A Double Take

Andrea Barber who plays ‘Kimmy Gibbler’ on Full House and now Fuller House shares a funny pre-show story.  Before a taping of the original Full House, Andrea says that the cast would go out together for dinner.  A fan came up to them and asked if they were the Full House cast.  Bob Saget who plays Danny responded and said, “No we are their stand ins.”  The fan believed him and said “wow you look just like them” as he walked away.

Mr Woodchuck, Full House, Joey

The original Mr. Woodchuck on ‘Full House’


Fuller House, Mr Woodchuck, Joey, Dave Coulier

Joey with the new Mr. Woodchuck on the set of “Fuller House”


3. Is it About…Wood?

Who remembers Mr. Woodchuck?  He was Joey’s puppet doll that appeared in many episodes of ‘Full House.’  After Full House ended, the producers gave Mr. Woodchuck to Dave Coulier to take home from the set.  They wanted to bring Mr. Woodchuck back for episodes of the reboot, ‘Fuller House,’ but it wasn’t that easy.  Dave shared that his dog got a little bit hungry and bit Mr. Woodchuck’s face off! Aww.  The Fuller House workers came together and presented Dave with a brand new Mr. Woodchuck and that’s what you see in the reboot on Netflix.

Full House, cast, home and family, hallmark channel

The Fuller House cast on the ‘Home & Family’ Show with hosts Debbie Matenopoulos and Mark Steines.

Catch the cast in season 1 and 2 of ‘Fuller House’ on Netflix now!

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