[FITNESS] Where Does Candace Cameron Get Her Sneakers?

Candace Cameron is an awesome role model for young women in so many ways.  Did you know this working mom of three finds time for intense workouts?  

She often posts to her Instagram, photos and videos of her sessions with celebrity personal trainer, Kira Stokes.  These two find a workout opportunity wherever they are.  Most recently, they were seen doing push-ups on the Fuller House kitchen counter tops, no joke!  See for yourself!


Candace posted an Instagram Story unwrapping a big delivery she received.  Inside the big brown box were three different pairs of sneakers her trainer, Kira recommended.  

Brooks Running Shoe Glycerin 14

The first one she showed was called Brooks Running Shoes: Glycerin 14. Candace received the green, yellow, blue and black colored sneakers but they come in all colors.  You can purchase yours right on Amazon (one of Candace’s favorite e-commerce stores) and get it shipped right to your door.

Brooks Running Shoes Launch 4

The second sneaker was the Brooks Running Shoes: Launch 4.  Candace commented that these are the sneakers she always wears but has gone through a few pair by now and needed new ones.  Candace says the black, pink and blue colors look “like something Kimmy Gibbler would wear.”  You can buy yours on Amazon.com

Candace Cameron Sneakers


Brooks Running Shoes Pure Flow 6

Inside the third shoebox was the Brooks Running Shoes: Pure Flow 6.  This sneaker was also recommended by her personal trianer, Kira.  As Candace felt the shoe, she said they feel a bit lighter and not sure if they’re great for running.  Could be a good choice for a good walking sneaker.  You can buy yours on Zappos.com


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