Drew Seeley Amazing in the Touring “Jersey Boys: Full Review!”

The Touring Jersey Boys is a Hit with Audiences!

We had the opportunity to catch the coveted “Jersey Boys” as they stopped along on their exciting nationwide tour.  The Toyota Oakdale Theater served as home to the Tony Award and Grammy Award winning billed “Best Musical.”  The air outside and the scenery were pure winter with very cold temperatures all around.  Inside, the music warmed you right up!

First we would like to say the Oakdale Theater is really a hidden gem!  It is very large inside and beautifully designed.  We could feel all the excitement from the crowd as the anticipation for the show grew.  Upon walking into the inside of the stage area, you could see it would be a packed house.  The lights dimmed and the stage lit up with a rendition of “Oh What a Night” in French.  To be honest, this part baffled us and we wish it was somewhat explained or at least referenced afterwards as to what they were trying to depict.  The actors looked like they were dressed in more of current clothing however perhaps they were trying to present a different time period?

Come see Drew Seeley in the “Jersey Boys” Tour!

The First Act introduces the audience to how Frankie got his start.  We learn about his friend and “mentor,” Tommy DeVito, who made Frankie Castelluccio a household name.  Tommy grew up very “street smart.”  He has some shady dealings but is focused on making this band work.  Matthew Dailey plays the part of Tommy and portrays him as a true

Jersey Boys Touring Band

They will be sad if you don’t come see the show. L to R: Drew Seeley, Hayden Milanes, Keith Hines, Nick Dromard

New Jersey guy back from that era.  We are then introduced to Nick Massi played by Keith Hines.  Nick is somewhat of a bodyguard type who continuously tells everyone he wants to start his own band but nobody seems to listen.  The group finds gigs in many different lounges, building up their name.  As they do so, they also find themselves involved in the world of women and drinking.  The music continues to grow as the audience was entertained.

Midway through the first act we are introduced to Bob Gaudio, played by Drew Seeley (well known for his movie and TV roles, plus music), who takes this role and truly embodies what it meant to be Bob Gaudio in Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  Bob as portrayed by Drew, is a well versed intelligent individual with great music talents.  Drew wowed the audience with his rendition of “Cry for Me” while playing the piano.  Once Bob Gaudio enters, Frankie Valli, played by Hayden Milanes starts to soar.  The group works with a record label and each performance becomes bigger and bigger.  Let us stop here to say that Hayden Milanes must have closely studied Frankie Valli.  We’ve worked with Frankie in the past and it is uncanny how Hayden is able to mimic Frankie’s moves and voice.  It was so entertaining and such a pleasure to watch.  Act one ends with “Walk Like a Man” reprise.

Listen to our favorite Frankie Valli song, “Cry For Me”

Drew Seeley as Bob Gaudio in Jersey Boys

Drew Seeley’s “Bob Gaudio” look in Jersey Boys!

Act Two begins with “Big Man in Town” as we follow the band in their journey to stardom.  They come upon difficult times when they realize, Tommy DeVito, the one who started the band ran some shady financial dealings.  The band owed quite a lot of money from them.  This brings them to “Beggin” which tells the story of the group looking to make the debts zero out.  Each song was performed with great energy and filled the crowd with a happiness that only the music of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons could bring.

One of the stand out moments is when the group performs as though they were performing in front of huge crowds.  They project them up on the large screen and put them in black and white.  It felt like we were back in the 1960s.

The Jersey Boys is a real delight, the music is energizing and the story is so insightful.  If you are in an area where they are touring, be sure to grab tickets to this hot show.  You’ll love it and you will come out humming their tunes!

Don’t miss this show!

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