Dancing with the Stars’ Janel Parrish – 5 Facts You DIDN’T Know!

Janel Parrish – 5 Facts that will Surprise You!

You may know her as Mona on ABC Family’s hit show Pretty Little Liars, or you may watch her every Monday night competing on Dancing with the Stars. Either way, it is no doubt that 25 year old Janel Parrish is on her way to the top. Although everybody knows the talent she possesses, there is so much about Janel that we don’t know. Here are a few facts that you might not know about this acting sensation:

Janel Parrish

You may know Janel Parrish from shows like Pretty Little Liars and Dancing with the Stars, but what don’t you know about her?

1.   She didn’t audition for the role of Mona!

No matter how well she fits the part of Mona, Janel Parrish originally auditioned for the role of Spencer in Pretty Little Liars. However, after her audition, the creators of the show didn’t feel she was right for the part of Spencer, and offered her Mona’s role at a callback. We’re so glad they made this decision – we couldn’t imagine her as any other character!

2.   She’s a girl-bander?! 

Although we all know the acting side of Janel, many do not know that she is musically inclined as well. At age 6, she won a statewide singing contest and soon began to perform on Broadway, and write her own music. This then led to her becoming the lead singer in a trio girl band, called “Impulse”. We would love to see her pursue music more in the future!

3.   She has 11 tattoos!

With all of the close-ups on Pretty Little Liars, it is surprising that you wouldn’t even notice any of her tattoos! In total, Janel has 11, ranging from odes to her homeland, Hawaii, and words such as “passion” and “free” placed on her body. We’ll definitely look closer next episode to see if we can spot them!

4.   She is from Hawaii!

Before she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue her acting and music careers, Janel Parrish actually lived in Oahu, Hawaii! She was born in Honolulu county to her caucasian father, and Chinese mother. There, she is called “Hapa”, a word originated in Hawaii, meaning that you come from a mixed ethnic heritage. Now we know where she gets her beauty from!

5.   She is dating another actor!

Although rumors have been circulating of a possible romance between Janel and her Dancing with the Stars partner Val Chmerkovskiy, Janel has actually been dating another actor for over two years! Janel met her current boyfriend, Payson Lewis, at a Los Angeles theater production “Spring Awakening” in early 2012, and they’ve been together since! We love seeing their adorable pictures they post on instagram!

Did any of these facts shock you?

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