Chris Trousdale aka Justin Starr Reunites with Castmates from “Shake It Up!”

Chris Trousdale with Zendaya at her Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Chris Trousdale who played Justin Starr, teen pop sensation on Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up” was so happy to have reunited with his former castmates.  Zendaya who plays Rocky on “Shake It Up” had her Sweet 16 birthday over the weekend.  Some attendees included Bella Thorne (CeCe), Kylie Jenner, and Davis Cleveland (CeCe’s little brother on the show).  Chris took some great pictures with them and posted them up on his twitter @officialcrt.

Word has it that Chris will also be on the new season of NBC’s The Voice, premiering Monday, September 10th.  Watch for him!

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Take a look at Chris Trousdale’s album of Zendaya’s Sweet 16 Birthday below:

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