6 Things You Didn’t Know About Josh Henderson from ‘The Arrangement’

Josh Henderson is creating many headlines in the press lately, very similarly to his character Kyle West from the new E! drama series, “The Arrangement.”  We did some digging and found interesting facts about Josh and where he came from.

Continue reading on to find out 6 Things You Didn’t Know about Josh Henderson.

1 :  Josh was a Popstar

Josh got his start on the WB reality television series, ‘Popstars’ and ended up becoming one of the 5 chosen finalists to form the group Scene 23.  Check out Josh with his blonde spiky hair in their music video for “I Really Don’t Think So.” 


2 : His Girlfriend Kick Started his Fame

Did you know that then 20 year old Josh’s girlfriend Morgan was the one to find out about the auditions for Popstars?  She noticed the casting call online and the very next day she booked tickets from Dallas to San Francisco so Josh could have his shot at fame.   Josh sang ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by N*Sync for the audition that got his callback. 

Scroll to 27:00 on the video to see Josh and Morgan.


3 : He is a Southern Boy

who is Josh Henderson

Josh Henderson of ‘The Arrangement’ Credit: Alchetron.com


Josh may be all about those California vibes right now but he can’t forget his roots.  He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma.  His character Kyle West is from Tulsa, OK as well – what a coincidence!  We can definitely still hear a slight southern twang. 


4: He is close to his Mother

Josh Henderson momJosh’s mom, Sharon was a single mother raising he and his two sisters Hannah and Chelsea.  Sharon has been by Josh’s side ever since the Popstars days and beyond.  Look at this sweet photo of mother & son on the red carpet for his drama series “Dallas.” 

5 : This is Not his First Acting Role

90210 josh henderson

This may be the first time you’re seeing Josh on your television screen but he is definitely not a newbie to the acting world.  He has been on shows such as Desperate Housewives, 90210, and a two year stint on the TV series, Dallas.  


6 : He was in an Ashley Tisdale Video

Yes! Josh was cast in Ashley Tisdale’s music video for “He Said She Said.” Watch here:

Catch Josh Henderson on the E! Drama Series, ‘The Arrangement’ Sundays at 10/9pm c.  

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